How to dress for the polo

Take inspiration from the celebs and get your polo day outfit sorted.

Going to the polo is a unique day out – both in terms of sporting spectatorship and dress code. While bearing some similarities to a day at the races, polo dress is less structured, more ‘undone’… and is about comfort, above all else.

We’re here to guide you, so you needn’t be a polo novice:

DRESS: Whether you opt for a pretty sundress, floating maxi dress, tailored trousers or comfortable culottes, the general rule here is smart and feminine. The polo is not necessarily the place to transfer over your race day outfit, nor is it the time to wear anything overtly sexy or tight. Think stylish summer picnic meets garden party and you can’t go too far wrong. Colour-wise, steer clear of black if you can… White is always a good option as are pastels, neutrals and bold pops of colour.

HEAD WEAR: Going to the polo isn’t the same as going to the races – you don’t need a fascinator or a hat. If you’re (understandably) keen to protect yourself from the sun, make it a casual affair and opt for a panama, boater or wide-brimmed hat.

SHOES: Stilettos are not a great idea at the polo. Not only will you sink into the grass at every step but you won’t be particularly handy when it comes to the age-old tradition of stomping the divots. Instead, choose wedges, a block heel or a chic flat. You’ll not only feel more comfortable but you won’t get disapproving glances from those ‘in-the-know’.

ACCESSORIES: The polo is a great chance to have some fun with your accessories and bright, playful or statement-making pieces are a go. A wicker clutch a la Alexa Chung adds a whimsical touch (and doubles as a miniature picnic basket); a bold pair of sunglasses can completely round out an outfit (case-in-point: Freida Pinto) or make a subtle statement with your earrings, like Bianca Jagger.

MEN: Chinos are your go-to, guys. Choose light, summery shades such as pastels, white, beige and camel and pair with navy blue or olive. The polo is your chance to have some fun with colour and accessories, so don’t be afraid of a pocket square, bow tie or a belt in a bold shade.

And if you know nothing about polo, here’s a basic introduction so you can fake it until you make it!


Photos: Getty Images