How to do casual opulence this winter

Follow our style tips for an effortlessly opulent look:

○  Pair textured separates such as a woollen sweater with a leather skirt to create an interesting contrast.
○  Play with proportion such as an oversized jumper and slimline pants or skirt.
○  For the ultimate sultry lip, use a berry shade and smudge the edges with your finger.
○  For a warm yet sexy look, try a fitted turtleneck under a slip dress.
○  Keep things high-end with a casual undertone by combining a pop of print with a luxe fabric, such as silk or leather.

Photographer: Guy Coombes
Creative Director: Marcel Gull
Stylist: Jess Thomson
Model: Alana Mia from 62 Models
Hair & makeup: Leisa Welch
Photographer’s assistant: Ben Loris Blair

Thanks to House of Haghi. Established more than 30 years ago, they import quality handwoven rugs in natural wool, cotton and silk, in both traditional and contemporary styles;