See inside Amy Schumer’s ‘normal girl’ New York apartment

Amy Schumer, she’s just like us.

Well, kinda. The Trainwreck star may be one of the most popular actresses on the planet right now (and probably making a killing at the same time), but her cosy New York apartment screams more “normal girl” than “Hollywood diva”. Okay, we should caveat: that’s only if you can call a $3 million apartment normal…

From the low-key decor to the well-stocked wine rack in the living room (a girl’s gotta have plenty of red on hand, right?), it’s the perfect place for a single-girl-in-the-city and we can totally picture Schumer living here.

But not for long – the comedian has listed the Upper West Side apartment on the market. Now that Schumer’s found herself a long-term love (in the form of 29-year-old furniture designer Ben Hanisch), perhaps she felt it was time to sell off the bachelorette pad?

Photos: Trulia/Compass