See inside the Obamas’ new house

It’s no White House, but it’s still pretty flash.

After eight years in the world’s most recognisable house, the Obamas are moving into a new residence. But how will it compare?

Despite the family hailing from Illinois (President Obama’s Senate State), they will be staying on in Washington D.C. so as not to disrupt the studies of youngest daughter, Sasha, who is completing her last few years of high school.

The family will be moving just 3km down the road to the exclusive Kalorama neighbourhood, which is also home to other diplomats and other influential leaders. Many of the homes in the area are grand houses from the turn of the century, and the Obamas’ 9-bedroom brick mansion, which was built in the 20s, fits the part completely.

The 8,200 square foot home also has eight-and-a-half-bathrooms, several living spaces and a marble kitchen.

The property is owned by Bill Clinton’s former Press Secretary Joe Lockart, who reportedly bought the house for US$7million and the Obamas will be renting the estate.

No doubt Michelle Obama will put her chic stamp on the home in no time, and it will soon be home to the Obamas’ fine collection of modern art, similar to the pieces displayed in the executive residence of the White House.

Check out the gallery above to see the new Obama residence.

Photos: via McFadden Group