3 designers to watch from the NZFW Miromoda show in association with NZ Post

Here’s what we adored from three designers that had their debut at New Zealand Fashion Week’s Miromoda show in association with NZ Post.


Keri & Brooke Wanoa of WANOA FOUR

The collection: “Legacy… for something handed down from one generation to the next… An expression of cultural pride & identity, steeped in handmade craftsmanship, designed and made in New Zealand with a focus on tailoring and texture. Timeless garments meant for longevity.”

Standout pieces: I’ve affectionately named this duo the knitwear chicks after I saw a phenomenally stylish friend of mine live in one of their chunky jumpers this winter. It’s safe to say I fell in love back then and this collection’s pieces didn’t disappoint. I’m coveting this woven, navy one,

The styling: I wasn’t born in the 80s but my affinity for the Reeboks that were styled in this collection had me wishing I was.

Final note: WANOA FOUR is to 2016’s Miromoda show, what Wynn Hamlyn was to 2015.


Alana Cooper

The collection: “Whatu is inspired by this idea of presenting beautiful indigenous culture in an accessible way, and aimed at promoting the relevance and value of Maori culture, creating visibility to a global audience by connecting Maori and European artisanal hand crafts to create high end one-off fashion pieces”

Standout pieces: I adored the burnt rose coloured, high neck dress in a touch-worthy texture – defs a party dress for the girl who likes to command a room – and the dual-layered gown with a feather-like midi dress underneath and black tulle atop. BEAUTIFUL.

The styling: The show’s collective beauty look of a bluish, greenstone-coloured lip and striking white eyeliner complemented the look perfectly.

Final note: There’s only one word to describe this designer – striking.


Pania Greenway

The collection: “Alpine Stress is a collection that emphasises the fragile eco system that supports the native species on Tongariro and highlights some of the issues that are threatening this delicate balance.”

Standout pieces: Everything frayed fed my denim obsession; a welcome feeling considering we haven’t seen much in the jean department this Fashion Week.

The styling: Forget clashing colours – it’s all about clashing textures. Wooden, block heels worn with chunky socks aren’t as scary of a combo as you might think.

Final note: Raw hems are here to stay and you can get some incredibly cool garments courtesy of Pania Greenway.


Words: Skye Ross
Runway photos: Holly Sarah Burgess
Backstage photos: Hayden Worsford