We put a new spin on three classic summer cocktail recipes

1 December 2017

WORDS BY Fashion Quarterly New Zealand

San Pellegrino

In case you hadn’t noticed, summer has arrived!

As with previous years, Fashion Quarterly kicked off the celebration with our annual FQ Swim Show; in our humble opinion, there’s no better way to see in the sunny season than with a party revolving around swimwear (all enjoyed with a delicious beverage in hand, of course).

When it comes to cocktails, there are the fail-safe recipes which rarely disappoint. But this year, we’re all about a fresh take on our favourites – so we teamed up with our Swim Show event partner Sanpellegrino to put a spin on three summer classics.

San Pellegrino Rossa Fizz cocktail

Rossa Fizz

If you love the invigorating orange flavour of an Aperol spritz, try the punchy blood orange Rossa Fizz instead.

1 oz/30 ml of gentian liqueur
2 orange segments
2 teaspoons of Muscovado sugar (or alternatively, use plain sugar)
A splash of soda
Topped up with Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa


1. In the bottom of a sturdy, large tumbler glass (400 ml capacity), gently muddle the orange with the sugar, ensuring it is well combined.
2. Add a splash of soda and stir.
3. Add some ice cubes and top it up with Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa.
4. Decorate with another orange segment and a twig of rosemary.

Pair with: Italian dishes such as cous cous alla Trapanese or a bread roll filled with porchetta

San Pellegrino Lemor Mix cocktail

Lemor Mix

If you like the sweet tartness of a strawberry daiquiri, you will love the delicate sweetness of a Lemor Mix.

1 oz/30 ml of vodka
½ oz /15 ml Strawberry syrup
1 oz/30 ml Orange juice
Top with Sanpellegrino Limonata

1. Pour the orange juice and strawberry syrup into a double old fashioned glass.
2. Stir well using a bar spoon and fill with ice.
3. Top up with Sanpellegrino Limonata and garnish with fresh strawberries.

Pair with: Fried salt cod or an onion frittata to really bring the Mediterranean sunshine to your snack time.

San Pellegrino Pompelo Splash cocktail

Pompelmo Splash

If you are partial to the zesty grapefruit flavours in a Sea Breeze, the Pompelmo Splash will be a refreshing option.

1 ½ oz/45 ml of sake
1 oz/30 ml pulp-free apple juice
½ oz/15 ml raspberry syrup
Top up with Sanpellegrino Pompelmo

1. Fill a large, sturdy tumbler glass (400 ml capacity) with ice cubes.
2. Gently pour in the apple juice and raspberry syrup, and top with Sanpellegrino Pompelmo.
3. Stir until combined using a bar spoon.
4. Garnish with a piece of caramelized apple.

Pair with: Stuffed zucchini flowers and crostini with cannellini on the side.

*This article is brought to you by Sanpellegrino, event partner of the 2017 FQ Swim Show.

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