The latest in anti-ageing skincare

We all grow older, but thanks to the high-tech revolution in anti-ageing skincare, we’re set to do so more gracefully than ever. Introducing the latest innovations in the science of staying young.

Anti-ageing skincare


Skincare creators are working tirelessly to deliver anti-ageing solutions for every change your skin makes – at any age. L’Oreal’s scientific communications director Patricia Pineau believes the future of skincare will be personalised. “Not in the way that there will be a different product for each of us, although it could be possible in 10 years, but skincare will become adaptable. More and more we’re trying to help women with tools similar to smart phone technology, or data you could send via email, with what we call connected cosmetics,” Pineau explains.

She says there will be a time when we all have a skin coach, a little like a persoinal trainer for keeping fit. “We’ll be able to receive information on how your skin is evolving day-long and year-long, according to the season.” Pineau believes this trend of understanding how often skin changes in one day, week or year will help eliminate redness, sun damage, irritation and ultimately ageing. “The concept is based on your experience with your skin, so products have the ability to change and make tiny alterations during the day to suit whatever challenge your skin is facing.” With such high-tech formulations, looking younger for longer is achievable. Here are some of the latest innovations to help hold back the hands of time.