All night long – how to create a hair look that lasts

Create a hair look which lasts all night long
We’ve all had a special occasion where we’ve dolled ourselves up, only to start unravelling as the night wears on. The main let-down? Your hair. It may seem like you sprayed an entire bottle of hairspray onto your ‘do before you left the house, but vast quantities of the stuff doesn’t mean it will help your hairstyle stay up for longer. In fact it could be weighing your hair down.

We asked owner of Dharma salon and ghd ambassador Sara Allsop her tricks for making hair last all night long…

While many of us think it’s best to have newly washed hair before we style it in some fancy way, Allsop assures us it isn’t. “I like to start with dry hair that’s maybe a day out from shampooing,” she says. Why? Because squeaky clean hair isn’t easy to work with. If you don’t like the idea of not having clean hair on your special day, use a little dry shampoo to banish the greasy feel.

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Applying product to the tips of your hair, or only to where your style is pinned into place, won’t secure it. Instead, before you begin styling, apply a product designed to create volume and lift in your roots. “Products like these are the foundation of the style and are designed to keep moisture out. They’re also heat activated, ensuring your style will last under all conditions.”

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If your hair is particularly silky or you really want to ensure longevity, then a great tip is to layer product into your hair. “Layering the product [like a mousse] before you start styling means applying the product a couple of times and blowdrying it in well after each application,” says Allsop. This is a lengthy process so make sure you factor in enough time.

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Allsop says, “Hairspray is a must to make any hairstyle last.” So once you have styled your hair, it’s a good idea to give it a spritz to keep any stray hairs at bay. “Spray from a distance all over for at least three seconds for a good amount of hold.” When choosing your hairspray, look for ones that says ‘maximum hold’ or something along those lines.

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