How to get the haircut you want

How to get the haircut you want
1. Bring pictures – lots of them:

This gives your hairdresser a much better idea about what you want instead of relying on your (possibly imaginative but not very accurate) descriptive techniques.

2. Photos work both ways…
If your stylist suggests something that you don’t understand, you can ask them to show you a photo too.

3. Be realistic:
Just because your favourite celebrity looks amazing with a new sleek blond bob, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will suit you, particularly if you have corkscrew tight ringlets.

4. They aren’t miracle workers:
Stylists need to work with your hair texture and colour. Most hairdressers will have no qualms about telling you what will suit you or not… so let them.

5. Use your hands:
To avoid getting a surprise at the end, use your hands or certain body markers to physically show where you want your hair cut up to. Shoulder length can mean sitting on top of
your shoulders to some but under your shoulders to others.

6. Form a bond:
Find a stylist who knows you and your hair and listens to what you want. Then stick with them.

From the editors of NEXT.