Skin secrets: 5 minutes with Marc Moore

Marc Moore

Stolen Girlfriends Club’s creative director Marc Moore lives and breathes fashion and surfing. After the brand collaborated with Dermalogica in its early days, Marc became passionate about the products as he started to see results and changes in his skin, eventually becoming an ambassador for the skincare company. FQ caught up with Marc to chat about his winter rituals, skincare tips and surfing – naturally.

Can you briefly describe what you might get up to in work/life on any given day?
Each day changes depending on what we’re working on and how good the surf is! Usually I wake up, walk our dogs with my girlfriend Ngahuia, stretch out all my old surfing injuries, then I get on Tumblr and look around for anything decent or satirical to post on my Instagram account.  Most mornings I have to sort through my emails, I get so many it’s stupid!  By this time I’ve probably had about two coffees.  Coffee usually helps me get inspired too so it’s a good time to look over the collection.  I’m a late starter in general so I like to work late most days.  We have around 10 staff in head office now so a lot of my day is spread over them too.

In the winter months, what’s your favourite way to make time for yourself?
It definitely gets harder with the weather and shorter days but I surf as much as I can.  If it’s good during the day I’ll sneak out to Piha and just work late instead.  I find surfing really helps to clear my head and keep me focused.

Is there a place you like to escape to on the weekends?
We really look forward to hanging at home!  We bought our own home at the end of last year and it’s so nice to have your own space.  If the surf’s not too good I will always try to record a mix-tape to upload for people to listen to – you can find them at

How do you care for your skin in winter?
I have a bit of a ritual I follow now and it seems to be working super well. I’m 39 but the other day someone said I looked 38 – result!  After cleansing I’ll apply some Dermalogica Ultracalming Serum, followed by the new c-12 Pure Bright Serum, and then Intensive Moisture Balance.  My skin is really sensitive so the Ultracalming range that Dermalogica is pretty amazing for me.

Since teaming up with Dermalogica, what have you learnt about skin that you didn’t know before?
I’ve learnt how many nasty chemicals most beauty brands have in them – so scary!  All my Dermalogica products mix the best of science and nature, and don’t contain anything nasty or unnecessary – and you can definitely tell the difference.

What’s the product you tell everyone about?
The Redness Relief Primer SPF20 is so good. I get a lot of redness from all the sun I get when I’m surfing, so this product is the one I mostly recommend.

What’s your number one winter outfit essential?
Our new line of black denim is so timeless and classic! The denim we have used is a 13oz black denim, a nice heavy weight for the winter months – plus it’s great at ‘holding everything in’! I have always found it hard to find a timeless jean; everything is over-branded or too tricked up, or the cloth is just bad quality or too ‘streaky’.  Our line has come out perfectly and only took 14 months of development (sheesh!).

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