Skin secrets: 5 minutes with Tiffany Jeans

Tiffany Jeans

Tiffany Jeans is the creator of bespoke candle range Curio Noir and has always been aware of how having great skin can make a huge impact on appearance. 10 years ago she formed a partnership with Dermalogica, having been a long-term user of their skin care. Part of Dermalogica’s ethos is supporting female entrepreneurs, and this is where Tiffany excels – starting, evolving and producing her brand Curio Noir; candles and sensory experiences like nothing else on earth. As a mother and a business woman, Tiffany says she’s “wonderfully busy,” so we thought we’d get a bit of an insight into how this multitasker makes time for herself…

Can you briefly describe what you might get up to in work/life on any given day?

The mornings entail a mad rush getting the kids fed and to school on time then I get to focus on me while I have a yoga class three times a week.  I am constantly working on many things at one time for Curio Noir.  We have nearly finished developing a new scent for our range, distribution in other parts of the world, displays in store for our stockists, getting orders out… we are wonderfully busy!  Not to mention the bigger plans for the future with our brand we are working on which take a lot of time.  Then once school is out, my husband and I juggle the children before it’s lights out and then we get to relax together… or continue working.

In the winter months, what’s your favourite way to make time for yourself?

There is nothing better for me than to sit on the couch at night with Curio Noir Tobacco Night or Black Spice scenting the air when the house is warm and the children are all tucked in tight, reading a magazine with a cup of peppermint tea while wearing Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask. Or if it’s a Monday night, it’s Game Of Thrones.

Is there a place you like to escape to on the weekend?

To be honest, we don’t have somewhere we get to escape to with all of our children’s dance classes or sport during the weekends these days!  But I do dream of us getting back to Hahei like we used to as I love it there so much.  The walk to Cathedral Cove, the blue hues of the ocean and salt water all do wonders for the soul.

How do you care for your skin in winter?

I don’t wear foundation as I love clear skin so it’s important to me to make sure I stick to my Dermalogica routine, especially exfoliating and applying masks two times a week.  I use Dermalogica’s MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque and Hydrating Masques depending on the time of year and how my skin feels. Getting the right amount of sleep, keeping up with my water intake and yoga classes definitely help my skin too.

Since teaming up with Dermalogica, what have you learnt about skin that you didn’t know before?

I’ve learnt about the importance of using an SPF and just how wonderful a moisturising booster can make you glow.

What’s the product you tell everyone about?

The Skin Hydrating Booster.

What’s your number one winter outfit essential?

I have two:  A Miss Crabb coat and an amazing pair of heels.

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