Everything you need to know about the fat freezing trend

You may have heard about fat freezing but are wondering what it’s all about… We give you the low-down and answer all your questions:

Everything you need to know about the fat freezing trend

So what is ChillSculpt® anyway?
ChillSculpt® is a non-surgical fat reduction programme that uses cryolipolysis technology to freeze and reduce fat cells. It is ideal for those who have stubborn pockets of body fat that cannot be easily reduced by diet or exercise.

Which areas of my body can I target with ChillSculpt®?
ChillSculpt® can be used to alleviate unwanted body fat in the following areas:
o Stomach (lower abdomen)
o Hips (muffin tops)
o Waist
o Back (bra strap area and love handles)
o Thighs
o Saddle bags

Who can have ChillSculpt®?
ChillSculpt® is not a weight loss treatment but is designed to help alleviate stubborn unwanted fat deposits. ChillSculpt® is recommended for people with a healthy weight range and a healthy BMI.

What does the ChillSculpt® procedure entail?
Before the ChillSculpt® session starts the treatment area is marked out and photos are taken in order to track your results. The machine applicators are positioned on the body and a vacuum effect and controlled cooling occurs. The machine may feel uncomfortable at first, with a slight pressure and intense cold. However this subsides within a few minutes and will become more comfortable allowing you to relax during the procedure. After the ChillSculpt® treatment is finished, the hand piece is removed and the area is massaged.

What does it feel like? Does it hurt?
As the cooling and vacuum begins during the first few minutes, you will feel pressure and intense cold. This soon dissipates. You may also experience a small amount of discomfort, deep pulling/tugging, pinching or altered sensation. Many people read, watch videos, work, or even nap during their treatments.

How long does it take?
Each ChillSculpt® session will take about an hour to complete. Following each ChillSculpt® session, you’ll be able to return to your normal routine.

What happens after my treatment, is there any down time?
ChillSculpt® treatments usually require little, if any, recovery time. Most people clients can return to normal activities and light exercise immediately.

Is it safe? Are there any side effects? 
With over 1 million cryolipolysis procedures worldwide, it is proven to be a safe and effective treatment for non-surgical fat reduction. Following the procedure, typical side effects include temporary numbness, redness, swelling, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging and pain. Rare side effects may occur. These can be discussed during your consultation with the Registered Nurse performing your treatment. Cryolipolysis is FDA cleared for the flank (love handles), abdomen and thighs.

How many treatments will I need?
Most people will need a minimum of four sessions per area. Results will vary — some people may start to see results three weeks after the first treatment, however most people will notice results after a few months and treatments.

What happens to the fat once treated?
Once the treated fat cells have crystallized (frozen), they die and are naturally processed and eliminated through the body’s normal metabolic process.

How long until I see my results?
You may start to see changes as quickly as three weeks after your treatment, however most clients will notice results after two months. Your body will continue to flush out fat cells for up to four to six months after treatment.

How much does it cost?
The cost varies depending on the area of the body being treated. You can book a free consultation in which a personalized treatment plan will be developed outlining the cost. Clinics such as Caci offer interest free payment plans – simply choose whether you want to make regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Where can I have this treatment done?
Currently ChillSculpt® is available at twenty seven Caci clinics nationwide. Caci’s Registered Nurses and Senior Beauty Therapists have been extensively trained at the Caci Training Academy, they are the only ones who perform the ChillSculpt® treatment.

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