British model and actress Gabriella Wilde’s beauty secrets

Article by Fashion Quarterly

Gabriella Wilde

From sleepless nights with her son to long-haul flights, British model and actress Gabriella Wilde shares her secrets to ensuring quality shut-eye

FQ: What’s your nightly beauty routine?
GW: I always wash my face, even if I haven’t worn makeup that day. I religiously apply Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair as it keeps my skin hydrated and radiant. I then follow with a moisturiser.

Do you have any tips for getting a good night’s sleep?
I never take my phone or any technology into my bedroom. It’s important to wind down from all that before I go to sleep. When I’m in dry climates, it helps my lungs and skin to sleep with a humidifier, [but] I also like to sleep with fresh air so, if I can, I always have a window open.

How do you like to relax before bed?
Because sleep is so important to me, I like to make my bedroom an oasis dedicated to sleep and I keep all work-related things in a separate room. I love scents and use a diffuser with lavender oil in my room, which always helps me relax, or a Jo Malone candle while reading in bed. I also try to meditate, even just for 10 minutes before bed.

Gabriella Wilde

How do you keep skin hydrated and radiant with plane travel?
I keep a bottle of my trusted Advanced Night Repair in my carry-on for some extra moisturisation, because the airplane is so dehydrating. I spritz my face with Evian and try to drink as much water as possible and avoid any foods that will dehydrate me further.

Any tips on how to look rested when you don’t get much sleep?
My secret is to dab Estée Lauder concealer in the corner of my eyes or a white eyeliner on the inside rim to make my eyes look more open. I boil bags of green tea and freeze them overnight so that in the morning I can apply them to my eyes to reduce puffiness.

How has being a mother impacted your sleep?
I’ve definitely not had as much sleep as I would have liked over the last year and I had to adjust to my son’s sleep schedule. When you become a mother you can suddenly function on hardly any sleep because it isn’t about you anymore, but I have been lucky as my son is a good sleeper. When we travel he sleeps with me which always eases the jet lag. It’s also a very special bonding time.