Caffeine skin products

When it comes to beauty, caffeine skin products really punch above their weight.

caffeine skin products

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The humble coffee bean is more than just the key to your daily pick-me-up; it’s also a powerhouse ingredient for skin. New York unversity professor of dermatology Dr Doris Day says coffee is more than just the beans we roast, grind and drink. “When broken down and applied to the skin, its most potent elements [caffeine and the berries that contain the beans] can fight wrinkles, calm redness and reduce swelling.” One chemist, who’s long been an advocate of caffeine, is Joe Lewis, creator of Priori skincare. He says its antioxidant power was discovered by chance. “Coffee cherry handlers in tropical coffee growing regions, in spite of a harsh sun-drenched environment, have unusually smooth, soft, younger skin on their hands and lower arms because of their exposure to the anti-ageing benefits of coffee cherry fruit during picking and harvest.”