Gigi and Kendall go for the chop at the American Music Awards

Gigi Hadid hair transformation

Two makeovers that made our jaws drop at yesterday’s American Music Awards came courtesy of BFFs Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Both models opted for big hair changes since their last public outing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Gigi lobbing her locks into a chic, slicked-back bob while Kendall had sprung for some choppy bangs that had her scarily resembling her momager Kris Jenner.

Gigi played coy on the red carpet, telling Giuliana Rancic to “check back tomorrow” – hinting her hair was actually the result of “tricks of the trade”. And today it was revealed by Hadid’s stylist, Bryce Scarlett, Gigi had in fact hidden her signature bombshell waves in a half wig.

“We put a partial wig over the back half of her hair to cover most of the length then combining in her real hair in the front, we then cut the hairpiece to blend with her shortest layers,” Scarlett explained to Elle.com. “The key is that your natural hairline is showing. The technique we used works if you have shorter layers that are the length that you want the hairpiece to match.”

Gigi really wanted to do something fun and different, the dress had a high neckline and a lot of interest in the front so we knew it needed to be something sleek,” he continues. “Gigi had the idea of doing a faux bob and I jumped at the chance to try it”.

Kendall Jenner at the American Music Awards (left) and earlier this month, at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Kendall Jenner at the American Music Awards (left) and earlier this month, at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


Meanwhile, it’s TBC whether Kendall’s fringe is permanent or also the result of a clever clip-in hairpiece. One thing we know for sure: Her Instagram posts in the coming days will reveal all!

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