Iconic celebrity eyebrows and how to get them

Cara Delevingne brows

Brows. They can be big, they can be bushy, they can be perfectly groomed and precisely penciled – whatever your style, the one thing to always remember is never to forget ’em!

If you’re after some inspiration on new ways to wear your brows, have we got the line-up for you. From well-arched to bold and beautiful, these celebrities have got their brow game down. To find out more about getting bona fide banging brows at home, we asked Benefit Cosmetics’ global brow expert, Jared Bailey, to share his greatest tip and tricks.

gigi hadid

Gigi Hadid
These eyebrows are effortlessly on fleek. She is rocking a feathery brow trend and a lot of her look is based on styling. Use a fibre-based gel, like Benefit Gimme Brow to comb the brows upward. To pull this look off, brow trimming is key (though this should never be attempted at home). It’s important that the wispy ends of the brow hairs are kept at a bit longer than normal, but still maintained. A look like this can take a brow from weak to chic in the wink of an eye.

Nicole Warne brows

Nicole Warne
Brows are a lot like life… what are they without structure?! Nicole has structure and texture throughout the brow. To get this look, use a cream gel colour like Benefit Ka-Brow! and create a nice fluid line along the base of the brow. This will be your base and define the eyes. Next, use an ultra-fine brow pencil like Benefit Precisely, My Brow and begin flicking the pencil upward through the brow hairs to give it more fullness but also adding more texture. Make sure to leave tiny gaps in-between each stroke to make this happen. Finish by recreating that same fluid line from the bottom on the top portion of the brow.

amanda seyfried

Amanda Seyfried
A nice wash of colour across an already full brow like this really gives the face balance and proportion. The quickest way to recreate this look would be to use a perfectly balanced formula that’s not too firm, and not too soft… basically the “Goldilocks” of eyebrow products, like Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil. The custom tear drop shape will easily glide over the hairs to fill using the wide base, but it will also add definition to the less dense areas with the narrow tip. Use the narrow tip in areas along the arch and the end for more precision and control.

camilla belle

Camilla Belle
Brows should definitely balance the eyes, so the bigger the eye makeup, the bigger the brows. Camilla has this look nailed down to a science! To recreate a look like this use a product like Benefit Brow Zings in a shade that is one shade deeper than your hair colour. Simply use the hard angled brush to add a base layer of colour down across the brows. You can also make your brows a bit “oversized” by going outside of the natural hairline ever so slightly. Next, add a little bit of the perfectly paired powder in areas that need more colour or are missing a hair or two. Pay close attention to the natural taper of the brow. For a look like this you want to keep that taper as gentle as possible to get bigger, bolder, brows.

Cara Delevingne brows

Cara Delevingne
Cara’s brows are full of TLC… and in this case it stands for Texture, Colour & Length. For texture, use an ultra-fine brow pencil like Precisely, My Brow. Make the front a bit more “sprout” by spacing the stokes out more than you would towards the center and end of the brow. Work from the base of the brow in the direction of the hair growth. For colour, go for a shade that’s two shades deeper than the hair on your head. It sounds bold, but it’s the easiest way to make that frame really stand out. Finally, length. These brows go on for days! Measure from the outer portion of the nose, across the outer corner of the eye, and that will show you where your “ideal” brow should end. But for a look like this, simply extend that end a couple of millimetres further than that ideal stopping point.

emilia clarke

Emilia Clarke
These are totally effortlessly chic arches. To pull off these brows it’s all about “I woke up like this” styling. First, fill your brows with something fast and easy, like Goof Proof Brow Pencil. Only use the wide base to fill the bulk of the brow, starting at the base and working upward. Don’t go super defined along the edges or the end of the brow. If you were a little heavy handed (hey, we all get excited) simply blend some out with the attached spoolie tool. Next, use our invisible shaping and setting gel to brush those hairs slightly upward towards the hairline.

Solange Knowles brows

Solange Knowles
These eyebrows are FULL of fleekness. In true Solange style, she’s embracing the full-figured brow trend. Use Ka-Brow to give the brow instant shape by simply pushing the cream gel colour upward through the brow hair. Don’t create any hard line angles on a look like this. Your main goal is to fill in the shape but leave the edges a bit loose. Next, take Gimme Brow and add volume to the brows to give them a life-like effect. When done properly, this will help the brow look both polished, put together, and full.

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