Kendall Jenner shows us her 2-minute makeup routine

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“You really want my beauty secrets? I use grilled cheese oil on my face.”

Okay, what? Kendall Jenner gave Vogue a peek into her morning makeup routine and it wasn’t exactly what you might think. Here’s the seven-step routine you can totally do yourself:

Step 1.

For Kendall, less is more when it comes to her foundation: “I don’t really like to put to0 much on because I hate when I have cakey makeup on,” she says. She then goes on to dot concealer under the eyes and over problem areas, blending in with fingers. “I’ve done my makeup in cars, in porta-potties — I’m not kidding!”

Step 2.

Kendall firstly grooms her brows, then fills in with an angled brow pencil. “I usually pluck em’, sometimes I wax but only under. When I was like fourteen, I think at that moment having really thin eyebrows was a cool thing, so I literally plucked them all off — I had like a line of an eyebrow. My sisters yelled at me, they threw out all the tweezers in the house; I have never touched them myself ever since.”

Step 3.

Kendall grabs her bronzer (“My favourite part,” she says) and a large blush brush, squeezing the bristle end in her hand: “I kind of pinch it to make it even thinner”. She then sweeps bronzer across her cheekbones, going up into her temples, and down her neck.  “I learn a lot from being on set,” she explains. “What taught me most about how to do my own makeup is just my own face, and finding out what looks good on me and what doesn’t.” Grabbing a small eyeshadow brush, she says: “I usually just take my bronzer and do a tiny bit of eyeshadow”, she says as she blends bronzer into the creases of her eyelids.

Step 4.

Applying black mascara to her already amazing lashes, she explains: “I don’t do a tonne and I’ll do it mainly at the roots. I swear no one ever looks cute putting on mascara!” Grabbing a bite of grilled cheese sandwich she grins, “You really want my beauty secrets? I use grilled cheese oil on my face,” she jokes.

Step 5.

When it comes to lipstick she has a unique technique. “I don’t like fully-put lipstick on. I dab it just to enhance my own colour,” she explains, using her finger to dab and blend the lipstick outwards.

Step 6.

“I like having gloss, rather than just matte and if I don’t have gloss I use Chapstick or something. Lastly she applies a soft pink lip gloss: “And then I’m done!”

Step 7.

“Honestly, this is as good as it’s gonna get… for my hair. I’m not a great hair stylist,” she says, looking at her simple but chic centre-parted chignon. “I’m learning though! I really am! I’ve actually… no never mind, you guys don’t care”.

Oh, but we do! Kendall if you care to share your hair secrets next time, we’re all ears.