Rihanna is probably about to drop a Fenty skin care line and we can’t deal

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Rihanna has already dropped a lush beauty line that has everyone losing their minds.

Fenty Beauty was released only last month and is the music-turned-fashion icon’s first venture in the world of beauty. Mass hysteria followed, with makeup artists, beauty editors and vloggers all scrambling to get their hands on the coveted line.

But if that wasn’t enough to temper the appetites of Rihanna and beauty fans alike, a loyal follower brought to light a trademark filing for what could possibly be interpreted as… skin care. Is it too soon to get excited over the possibility of Rihanna-level radiance? Well, maybe.

While there has been no word from Rihanna’s camp regarding the rumours, the filed trademark lists ‘non-medicated skin care preparations, namely, creams, lotions, gels, toners, cleaners and peels, hand lotions, artificial nails, nail polish removers, nail treatment creams, temporary tattoos for use as cosmetics, shower gels, bath gel, [and] perfume’ alongside cosmetics.

Rihanna Dropped a Skin Care line Fenty Beauty and it's amazing!

Renowned for her boundary-breaking aesthetic through make up, be it on stage or on the red carpet, Bad Gal Riri has never shied away from an opportunity to experiment with her look. And while the trademark sounds pretty legit to us, it doesn’t actually serve as confirmation for a coming skin care line. It’s possible that she might be getting her ducks in a row should she want to pursue the idea later down the track. Sigh.

From humble Barbados beginnings, Rihanna’s obsession with makeup apparently began when she would play around with her mother’s lipstick, transforming her face that would ultimately become the catalyst for her self-expression.

Having experienced a void in the market for make up that performed across a diverse range of skin tones and skin types, kicking off her own beauty line was a given. And. We. Are. Grateful.

Rihanna dropped a skin care line : Fenty Beauty

In addition to launching a line of essential beauty basics such as foundation, primers and concealers, Rihanna has first and foremost sought to inspire through make up and created products that people can feel confident to take risks with, dare to be different and break away from the ‘uniform’.

The Fenty Beauty line is complete with photo-ready secret formulas, killer highlight, contouring weapons and plenty of other tools in her cache to keep you ahead of the game. After all, it is by Rihanna. Did you expect anything less?

If you’re desperate to get among the Fenty Beauty goodness and channel your Bad Gal Riri alter-ego – honestly, we don’t blame you – the products are available to shop at Sephora.

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