The Queen has been wearing the same nail polish colour since 1989

Queen Elizabeth ll (h)

This colour reigns supreme.

Finding a classic and sticking to it takes some commitment, especially in an ever-changing fashion world.

But honing your style and making it your own, that’s where the real skill lies.

Which is why we will always be unfailingly loyal to Queen Elizabeth’s signature look – a twin set, often in a striking hue, loafers, a statement hat, gloves and one particular shade of nail polish.

The colour is Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers’ available for roughly $15 – that is if you can find it, of course.

Essie's Ballet Slippers

According to the brand’s website, the Queen’s hairdresser sent Essie a letter in 1989 requesting a bottle as it was “the only colour Her Majesty would wear.”

The popular neutral shade of the barely-there pink is in such high demand it’s virtually always sold out.

Essie spoke to the Evening Standard about its popularity saying how proud the company was that the Queen and other royals had enjoyed their products over the years.

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“At Essie we strive to create beautiful, professional colours that appeal to every woman for every occasion. Ballet Slippers is by far one of our most popular shades, and it’s great to see it has a loyal following amongst all.”

The shade is described as an “eternal manicurist and fashion stylist favourite” and an “iconic colour for all seasons”.

We like to think of it as one of our personal favourites, too – that is, if we can just get our hands on a bottle… or three!

Photos: Getty Images, Supplied