We test drive Clinique iD’s customised system – did it really cater to our individual skin concerns?

Clinique iD brings bespoke skincare to the masses – and the results speak for themselves.

Today’s beauty consumer is smarter than ever. We don’t want a one-size-fits-all approach, we want results, transparency and targeted treatment. At the forefront of intelligent skincare is Clinique iD, a customised system catering to individual needs.

The system combines one of three moisturising bases (Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+, Oil-Control Gel or Hydrating Jelly) with one of five active cartridge concentrates to target specific skin concerns – irritation, pores and uneven texture, uneven skin tone, fatigue or lines and wrinkles. Together the moisturiser and cartridge deliver a precise dose of product that’s 90 percent hydration base, 10 percent active concentrate.

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Some of our team members, each with different skin concerns, created a bespoke Clinique iD blend to test-drive; here are their thoughts:

maily pham beauty heaven


Skin type: Dry/combination

Custom blend: Dramatically Different™ Moisturizing Lotion+ with Active Cartridge Concentrate for Lines & Wrinkles

The verdict: I am always looking for an effective yet simple skincare routine without over complicating things and falling down the proverbial skincare rabbit hole. So for me, the option of using a specialised moisturiser infused with an active concentrate to target my main skin concern wins points all around. I chose the Dramatically Different™ Moisturizing Lotion+ (hello hydrated and plump skin!) combined with the active cartridge for lines and wrinkles (smooth and youthful skin please).

Having never used Clinique products before I was excited and curious to see how they worked with my skin and am pleased to say that the results have really exceeded expectations. Firstly, the moisturiser has no scent which I love as anything heavily fragranced irritates my eyes. Secondly, the texture is on the medium to light side which is important – absorbing easily into my skin and unlikely to cause any breakouts! After the first ten days using my new Clinique iD moisturiser every morning I am happy to say that my skin feels nourished and replenished. Those pesky dry patches that come with winter have disappeared and the fine lines I can usually see on my forehead are less noticeable.

The other things I love about this moisturiser? The bottle is very generously sized, and has a pump dispenser with a cap. This means travel friendly and easy to access product (no more scraping the bottom of the pot). Final verdict? Try for yourself and you won’t regret it!

courtney ramsdale beautyheaven


Skin type: Combination and blemish-prone

Custom blend: Dramatically Different™ Moisturizing Lotion+ with Active Cartridge Concentrate for Pores & Uneven Texture

The verdict: I love the concept of the Clinique iD system, in that you can personalise it to your skin concern. The moisturiser I chose is for dry combination skin and the cartridge I selected is the blue one, which contains AHAs to reduce the appearance of pores and uneven texture. My skin is combination with some drier areas, and I am prone to acne/blemishes, blackheads and bumps under the skin so I was hoping that I would see an improvement in this.

My initial impressions were that I found the moisturiser really hydrating, smooth to apply and it was completely fragrance-free which I loved, because I dislike the smell of a lot of moisturisers. It absorbs into the skin well and creates a smooth base for makeup application. The packaging is great because it’s in a pump, which means you don’t have to dunk your fingers in the product, preserving its shelf life. The pump dispenses a good ratio of moisturiser to serum as well.

After only the first week, I did notice some subtle improvements in my skin texture in the sense that my makeup was applying a lot smoother and my skin looked more smooth and glowing! I don’t really like the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on serums, so this is a great way to add some active ingredients into my everyday routine in and easy and affordable way. Overall, I’m really happy with the moisturiser and intend to keep using it!

zoe sadler beauty heaven


Skin type: Combination with pigmentation

Custom blend: Dramatically Different™ Moisturizing Lotion+ with Active Cartridge Concentrate for Uneven Skin Tone

The verdict: I started using the Clinique iD moisturiser as my skin has been looking very dry and lacklustre lately… it’s safe to say I needed to reset my skincare regime. On top of this, over the past few months I’ve noticed pigmentation spots appear around my mouth and with so many different products and treatments on the market to deal with this issue, I’ve been overwhelmed with where to start.

With the Clinique iD customisable moisturiser plus serum component, I was able to pick exactly what I needed: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ to give my skin the hydration boost it desperately needed plus the Uneven Skin Tone cartridge to help combat those pesky dark spots.

Upon first application, my skin lapped up the Clinique iD lotion (without feeling greasy at all!) and within one day, it was visibly hydrated and plump. Makeup glides over my skin seamlessly and I have noticed a glow since using this product. It’s still early days to see how the serum component has affected my pigmentation but I’m hopeful considering I’m starting to see good results with texture, hydration and an overall ‘glow’. Just one week in, I’m sold on Clinique and cannot wait to see the long term results.

ashleigh ilton beauty heaven


Skin type: Dry

Custom blend: Dramatically Different™ Hydrating Jelly with Active Cartridge Concentrate for Fatigue

The verdict: I have heard rave reviews about this product and can vouch that it lives up to the hype. My skin is generally dry especially during winter, and I struggle to give my skin the hydration it needs. I’m not a fan of thick ointment like creams that make my skin feel tacky, which is why I went for the dramatically different hydrating jelly. The lightweight formula felt watery, but surprisingly kept my skin hydrated for a full day without any drying or oiliness.

On my drier days (usually spent under the office aircon), I used the water-jelly as more of a serum to ensure my skin still got an extra boost from the fatigue cartridge which contains taurine. It has immediately helped my skin look fresh, glowing and energised (no puffy under-eyes!). Inner-city living can be tough on the skin so the pollution prevention properties in the hydrating jelly is something I have found super beneficial. I credit my breakout-free skin solely to this! Will definitely be keeping this two-in-one product in my daily skincare routine.

olya beauty heaven


Skin type: Oily/combination and sensitive

Custom blend:  Dramatically Different™ Oil-Control Gel with Active Cartridge Concentrate for Irritation

The verdict: Now, this was a fun product to try! I love the idea that you can customise the moisturiser and I chose a solution for my combination/oily skin, irritated from the cold weather. It comes in two pieces and you need to insert a cartridge into the base gel, which is quite cool – definitely feels innovative.

The moisturiser is lightweight, silky and has a light pleasant scent. If feels very nice on my skin and absorbs very quickly. I’ve been adding a second layer to T-zone to give it more hydration. The skin feels smooth and moisturised without the heavy creamy residue that some products give. The skin also stays hydrated for the whole day, even in cold weather. I can’t see the difference with skin irritation yet, but I will continue with the trial and hopefully can report on some good progress there. I also really enjoy the fact that big companies like Clinique are choosing safe ingredients; this moisturiser is free from parabens and phthalates.

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