Ten common skin problems solved

common skin problems solved

Do you have pesky spots, wrinkles or just want more radiant-looking skin? We consulted Caci Clinic founder Jackie Smith about how to say goodbye to a few common skin problems at home and at the clinic.

1. How can I get rid of dark sun spots?

At home: Vitamin C is still the most effective non-prescription ingredient to reduce pigmentation and sun damage. Of course, regular application of sunscreen, even in winter, is important if you are trying to reduce uneven pigmentation.

At the clinic: The Reformaskin Restore treatment program is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of sun spots and pigmentation on the skin, and also improves skin texture. The course combines two in-clinic treatments with appropriate home care, which results in radiant healthy skin.

2. How can I lessen the look of wrinkles?

At home: Often the best way to address wrinkles at home is to improve the overall health of your skin. Wrinkles are not such an issue if your skin looks bright and healthy. Consistent use of a results-driven skin care range will also give a firmer, smoother more even complexion.

At the clinic: The Caci Amerase program is a great customised solution for specific lines and wrinkles. It uses the appropriate combination of Botox and Juvéderm (dermal filler) to either relax muscles or fill lines and wrinkles, leaving a fresh and natural look. This program is especially good for targeting specific bothersome lines and wrinkles.


3. How can I erase dark under eye circles?

At home: This is a challenge. Usually dark circles are caused by thin skin, pigmentation or physical hollows under the eyes which change the way light reflects and therefore what we see. Many people find that Vitamin C applied with a roller can make a visible difference to the pigmentation and skin thinness.

4. What can I do to reduce redness?

At home: Murad have a great range of home care products called Redness Therapy, which are designed to reduce inflammation (redness and sensitivity). The range works to fortify the skin, and is very calming.

At the clinic: Pulsed light is the gold standard for reducing small facial veins and diffused redness. Usually a series of treatments is required. It is not the most comfortable treatment but the results are often remarkable so very worth the discomfort.


5. How can I banish adult acne?

At home: The key to treating acne is to be consistent and give it time. Most people who have problems with acne lurch from one solution to another and don’t allow enough time for the product to work. Six to eight weeks is a minimum to get really good sustainable results. Murad has a very effective acne range which includes topical products and oral supplements.

At the clinic: At this point in time there is not a clinic treatment that provides consistent and repeatable results, although many people find regular microdermabrasion treatments helpful particularly if they are combined with red/blue light treatments.

6. How can I reduce acne scarring?

At home: Acne scarring is usually a combination of pigmentation left over after the acne spot and deformation of the skin. The pigmentation will often self-correct over time but this is best addressed in clinic.

At the clinic: This is a complicated problem, that requires a full in-clinic assessment and consultation. Treatments with dermal rolling or fractional CO2 have been shown to be quite beneficial. Usually a combination of treatment modalities is required to get the optimal result.

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7. How can I make my pores less visible?

At home: With gentle exfoliation and balancing out oily and dry zones, the skin looks clearer and smoother and pores less noticeable.

At the clinic: All 3 Reformaskin programs will help reduce open pores. A consultation with a Caci Treatment Coordinator will help work out which program is the best solution.

8. How can I get rid of broken capillaries?

At the clinic: Usually broken capillaries are the result of accumulated sun damage, and pulsed light is the best solution.

9. How can I make my skin look more radiant?

At home: Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum, the name says it all! Clinically proven to improve skin brightness, clarity and radiance by 60% in one week.

At the clinic: The Reformaskin Reveal program is specifically designed to reveal radiant skin. It uses a combination of in-clinic treatments, including microdermabrasion, with home care to reveal fresh healthy skin and maintain skin quality.

10. How can I fix dry, flaky skin?

At home: This is very dependent on the reason for the dryness. If the person has very sensitive skin, then a soothing skincare range may be the best option. If the dryness is seasonal or due to hormonal changes, then an ultra-rich moisturiser is the way to go.

At the clinic: The Reformaskin Reveal is the best solution for this.

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