Save our seas with Creme de la Mer


A stroll along the beach can be the best remedy to relieve stress and rejuvenate the soul – as well as a stark reminder of how badly we treat our oceans.

Cosmetics brand La Mer is striving to change that, partnering up with the National Geographic Society in a programme dedicated to preserving the health and wellbeing of our oceans.

“The ocean is an integral part of La Mer’s heritage,” global brand president Sandra Main said.

“Last year we were inspired by marine biologist Dr Sylvia Earle to expand our program by supporting the next generation of women making a tangible impact on ocean conversation.”

A smart move when you consider hand harvested sea kelp is the healing base to La Mer’s signature product, Creme de la Mer, and to date the company has donated almost $2 million dollars to organisations that promote ocean conservation.

This year, emerging American explorer Andrea Marshall will be the recipient of funds raised by sales of Creme de la Mer. Marshall’s conservation work focuses on helping save threatened manta rays and marine mega fauna around the globe.

In celebration of World Oceans Day on June 8, a limited edition 100ml Creme de la Mer jar will be available. To learn more about Andrea Marshall and the campaign visit