Eyeshadow for beginners


Paul Suesse/

Use: A single shade, like Clarins Ombre Mineral Eyeshadow in Slate Blue, $44, for an all-over wash of colour.

Get the look: Liberally load up a brush with colour and sweep it all over the lid and above the crease. Use a small blending brush to soften edges.

Paul Suesse/

Paul Suesse/

Use: A duo compact, like Nvey ECO Organic Eye Shadow in Earthly Desire, for a classic look.

Get the look: Cover the upper lids with the darker of the two shades, keeping the inner corner of the eye bare. Use the lighter shade on the inner corner and blend backwards toward the upper lid until the colours overlap.

Paul Suesse/

Paul Suesse/

Use: A trio compact, like Smashbox Photo Op Eyeshadow Palette in Multiflash, $55, for countouring.

Get the look: Cover the upper lids with the lightest shade, then blend the middle colour through the crease. Using a small brush, etch the darkest colour of the palette along the upper lash line.

Use: A quad compact, like Dr Hauscka Eyeshadow Pallette in Stone, $85, for the ultimate smokey eye.

Get the look: Brush the second lightest shade all over to create a base. Work the next shade through the crease and along the lower lash line, and trace the darkest colour carefully along the upper lash line and blend. Highlight the inner corner or the eye with the lightest shade.