Fraxel Re:fine Laser

I’m obsessed with my sun damage. I know I’ve earned it – I was a never that great with sunscreen in my teens – but the leathery texture and motley colour of my décolletage gets me down; I want it gone at any cost. Until recently, retinol creams have been my only weapon against my sun spots – until I discovered Fraxel re:fine.

You can expect more oomph than microdermabrasion and about the same level of pain as IPL. But when it comes to results, it’s unrivalled. Owner of About Face Marianna Glucina explains: “This laser works from the inside out, which can be frustrating if you’re expecting instant results. It creates millions of microscopic, pixelated zones on the surface of the skin, which encourages fresh, new skin over a period of a few weeks.”

Once my skin was cleansed and the safety goggles were in place, the nurse slowly tracked the laser across my skin, working from left to right. I won’t lie, it hurts. The topical anaesthetic applied 45 minutes beforehand takes the edge of the pain, however it still feels like something hot is being scraped over your flesh.

It smarts for around five or so hours after the treatment and I looked and felt a little sunburnt, but I figure it’s like exercise – no pain, no gain. After just one treatment, the skin around my jawline feels firmer, the sun spots aren’t as dark and the softness of my neck is addictive.
If you ask me, this is the best money you can spend if your goal is to restore an ageing neck and chest.

COST:From $499 per treatment. Allow 90 minutes. For more information visit