Advice from makeup guru Gucci Westman


Gucci Westman backstage at New York Fashion Week.

As far as makeup gurus go, Gucci Westman is about as big as they come. As the global artistic director for Revlon and the wife of rag & bone creator David Neville, Westman has a nack for picking trends and creating wearable looks for everyday wear. Here’s her advice for achieving on-the-runway looks at home.

How much input does the designer vs makeup artist have in creating looks for each show?
Typically what happens is we go together with the hairstylist to meet with the designer and the fashion stylist. We look at the clothes and usually either the designer or the stylist has some idea of what they want to share, because they’ve been working on it for a long time. Sometimes, they’ll just say nothing, so you have to be prepared for either. Sometimes they’ll just say ‘just look at the clothes’, and that’s it. But it does help a lot to have that initial discussion so you can understand what they are thinking.

How much planning goes into creating these looks?
A lot. The whole idea is that we are creating trends that go from New York to Paris. Looks that are consistent, and that are a clear message in what you are saying.

What are the key makeup trends from fashion week?
Eyeliners and sparkly, fun coloured shadows, and for lips, reds and fuchsias – garnet tones.

The makeup look at rag & bone aw 14.

How easy is it to create these looks at home?
When you look at runway pictures, you want to take a little bit of it, but not go all the way. I think you just need to tone it down. Think what you would feel comfortable wearing and what you know you can feel confident in.

What look is the most wearable for everyday?
Definitely an eyeliner look – like the one I did at rag & bone for autumn ’14.

How many bottles of foundation will you go through during Fashion Week?
A lot! It’s the whole team. Probably 30 or so with body make up.

What is your best backstage makeup tip women should try?
I love mixing unexpected colors and textures and inevitably the outcome is a colour and a texture you haven’t seen before. An example would be mixing a metallic shadow with a cream on top.

What would you never be without backstage?
Definitely the Revlon Illuminance Palette in Not Just Nudes – I use it at every show! And of course Revlon foundation brushes for my team – they are the best!