Foundation comes first for famed makeup artist Gucci Westman

Article by Fashion Quarterly

makeup artist Gucci Westman

Gucci Westman’s makeup collection, Westman Atelier, harnesses her decades of expertise and an appreciation for clean, high-performing ingredients to give you the perfect base.

Ten years ago, seeking a clean, conscious beauty brand meant a visit to the health-food store. High-end cosmetics with extensive free-from lists were almost non-existent. These days things are different, but makeup artist Gucci Westman’s collection, Westman Atelier, with its refined aesthetic, finely tuned performance and clean ingredients is still a celebrated step forward for makeup lovers.

Created by the makeup guru (Gucci is one of the world’s leading makeup artists and has worked for magazines like American Vogue and Vanity Fair) the line of cream-stick foundations, contouring products and blush embodies her famed beautiful-skin-first approach, and is behind the dewy complexions of Gwyneth Paltrow, Gisele and Jennifer Aniston.

We’re always searching for the perfect base, and Gucci divulged her expert tips for creating the perfect foundation finish.

What inspired you to start your own line?

It was always very clear to me that, if I ever had my own line, I would want to do something as natural and as consciously crafted as possible. I grew up vegetarian and with a hyper-awareness to wellness, so it has always felt right to me that products should be about wellness too.

What did you feel was missing from makeup already out there?

Clean products that would meet my standards of performance. So these products all offer my three vital signs of modern beauty: luxury, efficacy and clean, consciously crafted ingredients.

What are your favourites in the collection?

Vital Skin Foundation has really helped the health of my skin. I developed rosacea in the last couple of years, so I created a product that would not only look good on skin, but improve skin while you wear it. I’ve included a long list of skincare benefits, from coconut oil for hydration to phytosphingosine to combat redness.

Westman Atelier foundation by Gucci Westman

You’re famous for a luminous look that’s more about the person than their makeup.

I never like to cover a client up, just enhance their beauty, so I focus on certain areas.

I always use two to three foundation shades to create the perfect skin-like finish. Our skin isn’t all one shade, so we shouldn’t just stick to one for our foundation. Another tip would be to include a highlighter under foundation, which leaves a subtle “glow from within” finish.

Stick makeup is the star of your line. Why?

I learned to do makeup using a stick format at Christian Chauveau in Paris, so they have become second nature to me. It was also important for the line to be problem-solving – anyone can use them!

As for the packaging, what really drove the idea was travel fragrance atomisers and the idea that they can be small and portable but still beautiful and functional. To me, beautiful travel cases have that air of excitement, like you might be going somewhere amazing.

Westman Atelier is available at Mecca Cosmetica stores and online.

This story originally appeared in Fashion Quarterly Issue 2 2019.

Photo: Supplied