10 things to know about ghd’s hot new release


Meet the ghd Platinum. The just released ‘styler’ (or straightener, to you or I), is the brand’s new top of the line option in its stable of heat styling tools, which also includes the ghd curve curling tongs, that we haven’t stopped raving about since their launch last year. So why should you get excited about this new version?

1. It won’t damage your locks
ghd has deduced that most stylers get up to a whopping 230 degrees C, whereas the optimum temperature for styling that won’t cause any damage, is more like around 185 degrees C. With three sensors in each plate, the new styler stays constant at that temperature even when you’re running it through your hair, which is when other stylers temperature fluctuates and damage or a less than ideal style occurs. But the best part is, even though it’s a tiny bit cooler, the new ergonomics and slightly wider plates mean it’s just as effective – one stroke on each section is all you need, even on thick hair. It means no more guilty sighs when you reach for your straighteners each and every day.

2. In fact, it’ll even make your hair shinier
Yep, 20 per cent shinier. This one’s backed up by independent research from Princeton University, but after using it a handful of times, we can vouch for the shiny-effect.

3. You can thank nerds for it
The new Platinum version was designed and tested by scientists at ghd’s purpose-built research and development facility in Cambridge, UK where they have been developing ghd technology for years. According to key stylist Jayne Wild who’s been there, they have all sorts of labs and testing scenarios to make sure this styler is the best. This includes shock testing by dropping. We asked, because we do this all the time!

4. It’s eclipsed the Eclipse
Like Apple constantly releases new and desirable versions of the iphone, so ghd are always innovating and bettering its products. Which means this version will replace the ghd Eclipse, which will no longer be available.

5. It’s a bit floppy
In the past we’ve found ourselves squeezing for dear life to keep the plates aligned as they slide down the hair. These ones are designed with a new ‘wishbone’ hinge which allows them to adjust and flex slightly, keeping the plates perfectly aligned all the time allowing hair to slip smoothly between them.

6. It can curl too
Of course we colloquially call it a straightener, but the rounded barrel means if you can get the hang of the rotating wrist movements required to roll your hair around them, they are ace at curling too. (Just not quite as ace as our beloved ghd Curve wand). If you need help, there are great tutorial videos on YouTube.

7. You can match your ghd to your iphone
Unless you have space grey, then you’re out of luck, because ghd Platinum comes in either matte black or white!

8. You can leave it on
You shouldn’t, but you can. Because like all ghd products, it has a sleep mode, meaning it’ll switch itself off after 30 minutes without being used.

9. It’s a bit more expensive.
At $360 it’s pricier than ever, which apparently reflects the new technology involved.

10. You’ll have to wait a few weeks
Read all about it, now want to snap one up? The ghd Platinum will be available from the end of May at ghd salons and www.ghdhair.com/nz.