The hair products Fashion Quarterly’s editors won’t be without this summer 

While they’re three of our favourite things, sun, sea and sand can also take a dramatic toll on our hair.

Dry, damaged discoloured locks are sadly a by-product of the elements and while you might be able to get away with a ‘wash ‘n go’ attitude for the rest of the year, summer requires a bit of extra effort into prepping, maintaining and repairing. And if there’s anyone who knows the best products to combat every kind of bad hair day, it’s the team at Fashion Quarterly, who between us, have tried basically every single tool, gel, mask, spray and shampoo going. So without further ado, these are the products we swear by to keep hair looking and feeling its best all summer long.

Scroll through to see each Fashion Quarterly editor’s hair product must-haves right now.

Megan Bedford, beauty editor

“Anyone who’s ever had a casual chat to their stylist about hair tools knows the name Parlux – it’s what the pros have used for aeons. They’re of the best quality, dry locks quickly, last forever and deliver that smooth bouncy blowout Meghan and Kate are famous for.  The new Parlux Alyon Air Ionizer Tech Hair Dryer has been updated with ionizing technology to protect hair from damage. Obsessed!

“With very fine, very lightened hair – it’s hard work finding something that delivers volume without compromising my (already brittle) hair. Fanola Styling Tools Volume Up Spray coats each strand with protection as well as giving it life – it boosts my blow dry and saves me from snappage with my beloved tong.

“Did I mention my hair is taxed? Bright blonde comes at a price, so its all hands on deck reviving it. Theorie Charcoal Bamboo Detoxifying Hair Treatment Mask is ideal for a weekly masking session.”

Megan's hair picksSHOP: Parlux Alyon Air Ionizer Tech Hair Dryer, $338 + Fanola Styling Tools Volume Up Spray, $24 + Theorie Charcoal Bamboo Detoxifying Hair Treatment Mask, $33 – all from

Lucy Slight, features director

“My balayage has a tendency to go very brassy, very fast, so giving it a quick at-home tone with a blonde shampoo and conditioner like this TIGI Blonde Therapy duo once a week is key – especially in summer. Dryness also comes part and parcel with faux blondes, so it’s definitely wise to use a conditioner, like TIGI Bed Head Reconstructor, that’s going to help boost proteins in the hair and leave it feeling super hydrated.

“I don’t spend a lot of time on my morning ‘do, but one thing’s for sure, I’d be a total mess without my Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Gold Titanium Hair Straightener handy to fix those overnight kinks. Because my hair is slightly wavy – and looks much better wavy than dead-straight – I like to use my straightener to add some flick, texture and curl in the ends, while keeping it smooth at the roots. Using a straightener with adjustable heat settings is really important if you’re trying to avoid frying your blonde ends, too!”

SHOP: Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Gold Titanium Hair Straightener, $260 + TIGI Blonde Therapy Gift Pack, $45 – both from


Zoe Walker Ahwa, editor


“I often use hot tools on my hair, which results in frizz city if I don’t use heat protection. The Not Your Mothers Beat The Heat Thermal Styling Spray is perfect for use being drying or straightening, protecting against UV too.”

“I’m all about hair masks! They’re the easiest, laziest, most effective treatment for hair that’s feeling dry or out of control – slather it on and wait; easy. The Oro Puro Therapy Mask, with keratin, Argan oil and UV filters, is all about nourishing and is perfect for summer.

“My fine hair tangles so easily, so a brush that helps smooth without damaging or pulling is essential – this Wet Brush Black Original Detangler Brush has flexible bristles which ensures any treatment product is distributed evenly too.”

SHOP: Not Your Mothers Beat The Heat Thermal Styling Spray, $22 + Oro Puro Therapy Mask, $28 + Wet Brush Black Original Detangler Brush, $20 – all from

Phoebe Watt, hair editor


“A hair straightener is great for creating uniform curls, but for a bit more freedom (hello summer’s relaxed beachy waves and textured ponytails) I’m all about this Silver Bullet EasyCurl Curling Iron, which allows you to easily curl random strands in different directions thanks to its ergonomic design.

“If you’re a facial oil convert like me, allow me to now introduce you to the benefits of hair oil. Nourishing and hydrating, an argan oil hair mask like the Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Treatment Mask works like a leave-in conditioner to repair hair and give it a new lease of life. Self-care Sunday just went up a level.”

SHOP: Silver Bullet EasyCurl curling iron, $57.99 + Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Treatment Mask, $33 – both from

Terri Dunn, digital content producer

“Achieving smoothness and shine are high hair priorities when the temperature rises. Having naturally curly hair that need not see the light of day, the TIGI Catwalk Blow Out Balm blow out balm formula ensures my tresses are protected against the heat of my styling tools and humidity.”

“Sun exposure, sunscreen and salt water are lethal on my already heavily colour-treated strands. The TIGI S-Factor Serious Conditioner packs a punch in restoring health to my hair, plus the peppermint component is super cooling on my scalp and leaves my locks smelling delicious.”

SHOP: TIGI Catwalk Blow Out Balm, $33 +  TIGI S-Factor Serious Conditioner, $41.95 – both from


Jessica-Belle Greer, features editor

“Blame it on the silk shirts I have on high rotation, but I always seem to charge static going about my day – and my hair is not exempt to the shock of this. The Fanola Styling Tools Super Light Spray is, yes, light-weight, but also non-greasy, so it keeps my flyaways from lifting off while also ensuring my hair doesn’t look limp. I spray it on before a blow dry, my other hair hack for keeping the frizz under control.”

“One of my (many) New Year’s resolutions is to get more creative with my hair. I love a natural curl but never seem to have time, or the talent, to fit this into my schedule. I have my eye on the Silver Bullet Fastlane Titanium Conical Curling Iron in rose gold – it’s fast to heat up and has a smooth finish that means even novices like me won’t get caught up in a hair tangle!”

SHOP: Silver Bullet Fastlane Titanium Large Rose Gold 19-32mm Conical Curling Iron, $128 +  Fanola Styling Tools Super Light Spray, $26 – both from


Lisa Deken, direct account manager

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo is super powerful and one I have on repeat. It’s a bit messy to use (tip: wear gloves!) but is 100% worth it for the creamy clean blonde it gives you afterwards.”

SHOP: Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, $29.99 from

Alice Morgan, senior art director

“I am always looking for ways to get a couple of extra ZZZs in the morning. So the discovery of WetBrush’s Safari Leopard Detangling Brush which allows me to brush my hair while wet, get rid of the tangles and not damage it, has been a revelation!

“It’s a sad day when you are in your late twenties and you already have grey hairs sprouting up (damn you, genes). That’s why I cannot get past the Cover Your Gray Cleanse and Cover Dry Shampoo in Brown that not only fixes my day old hair but also covers up those pesky strands.”

SHOP: WetBrush Safari Leopard Detangling Brush, $23 + Cover Your Gray Cleanse and Cover Dry Shampoo Brown, $37 from

Kelly McAuliffe, digital editor

“Hands down my favourite discovery this year is the Theorie Marula Oil Transforming Shampoo and Conditioner. Aside from looking chic in my shower caddy (important!), the products smell delicious and my hair feels truly nourished after washing. Added bonus: They’re made from naturally derived ingredients and aren’t tested on animals. For summer, it will be sure to combat the frizzies and give a really smooth finish.”

Kelly's Hair Picks
SHOP: Theorie Marula Oil Transforming Shampoo 400ml, $33 + Theorie Marula Oil Transforming Conditioner 400ml, $33 – both from

Danielle Clausen, fashion editor

“Rather than the financial upkeep of colouring my hair, I try and get the most out of my natural ‘dirty’ blonde by using Fanola No Yellow Mask to keep brassiness at bay. This treatment has nourishing properties too – thank you pressed grape and silk proteins!

“I love that TIGI Bed Head Beach Bound Protect Spray is a multi-tasking product which protects from both heat styling (I’m a big fan of a 70s blow out) as well as humidity – utilising UV filters to stop damage in its tracks.”

SHOP: Fanola No Yellow Mask, $29.99 + TIGI Bed Head Beach Bound Protect Spray, $29.99 – both from

Photos: Michael J Rooke and Supplied.

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