Colour confidential Q&A with Chinney Yeap


The secret to great-looking hair lies in rich, glossy colour. Joico guest artist Chinney Yeap, from Dharma Salon in Auckland, talks to Trudi Brewer about this season’s trends and explains how to choose the right hue for you.

Joico guest artist, Dharma Salon

What is the trend with hair colour this season?
Beautifully rich, warm tones, lovely golden blondes, toffee and rich, warm reds.

Where should we start when we are considering a colour change?
The most important thing to consider is maintenance as well as choosing the right shade. There is no point getting a gorgeous head of colour then having terrible regrowth. Your hair colour must always complement your skintone – certain colours can make you look washed out. Don’t just choose a shade because you like it in a picture.

Are highlights a good compromise?
Everyone suits a bit of lightness in their hair in varying degrees. Highlights can break up dense colour and make hair more shimmery and multidimensional. Using Joico Color Balance Purple or Blue shampoo and conditioner on blonde or highlighted brunette hair will refresh the colour and stop hair from looking brassy.


Going red is a major commitment, what are the main considerations?
You need to ask yourself, will you look after it? This requires keeping the colour looking fresh and rich in tone. Red is gorgeous but notoriously difficult to keep vibrant, so you must be willing to take measures to guard your hair against fading. The colour will need to be refreshed every six to eight weeks. In between salon visits, Joico’s Color Infuse Red shampoo and conditioner refresh red tones, ensuring redheads, both natural and bottle-born, stay fiery and true-to-shade.

When is dark too dark as we get older?
When you start to look like you have a skunk stripe – white roots and dark mid-lengths – you know you’ve gone too far!

What is your best summer hair tip?
Conditioning treatments are a girl’s best friend in summer, when hair can start to feel dry with all that sun, sand and seawater. Using Joico’s K-Pak Intense Hydrator once a week will keep your hair feeling healthy and looking shiny.

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