Expert tips to manage your fringe

Article by Fashion Quarterly

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Caroline de Maigret, Jeanne Damas

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Caroline de Maigret and Jeanne Damas – how DO they toe that perfect line between bangs that are both effortlessly undone and perfectly intact?

The humble fringe may look effortless on these Parisian beauties, but the rest of us need to reign in our bangs with expert tips from those in the know:

“To style, use a large round brush and dry the fringe outward, pulling up at the root area. Spray your fingertips with hairspray and rub through the tips of the fringe to give texture.”
– Wayne Richardson, owner of Ktizo Hair & Spa, Hamilton, and L’Oréal Professionnel artist

“Dry texturising sprays [dry shampoos] are great for controlling fringes as they soak up moisture and oil and add style support without making it look too layered up with product.”
– Monique Hoareau, senior stylist at Ryder, Auckland

“French-girl fringes work especially well with square faces since they work to soften the shape, however, oval faces can get away with nearly any type of fringe. To maintain your fringe, getting a trim every four to six weeks will help shape your cut and remove split ends.”
– Antonio Corral Calero, Moroccanoil global ambassador

“Dealing with a fringe in humidity can be a chore, but Joico’s Humidity Blocker is a must for keeping hair frizz-free. Just spritz the mist 8 to 10 inches from your hair before you leave the house and you can literally kiss that future frizz goodbye.”
– Chinney Yeap, Joico guest artist

“If possible, avoid the rain altogether or cover your hair. If your fringe gets damp, refrain from touching it until it’s dry again; your hands will only make it worse. If it gets soaked, then only a quick dry style will save it.”
– Duncan Moss, stylist at Servilles Newmarket, Auckland


Fringe tool kit

FRINGE TOOL KIT:  L’Oreal Professionnel Infinium Hairspray, $23; (1) Moroccanoil 35mm Ceramic Round Brush, $49.95; Oribe Dry Texturising Spray, $69; (2) L’Oréal Professionnel Techni.Art Morning After Dust; $34; (3) Davines This is a Dry Texturiser, $49; Tresemme Perfectly (un)Done Ultra-Brushable Hairspray, $9.29; (4) Joico Humidity Blocker, $26; ghd Air, $250; Kevin Murphy Body Builder, $49; (5) Theorie Saga straightening iron, $250