Fact: You can have beautiful hair every day with supermarket products

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But how?

When our colleagues at Woman’s Day were asked to participate in a top secret salon experience at Auckland’s prestigious Helmut salon, they jumped at the chance.

Without their knowledge, stylists chose products to treat each of their individual hair concerns. And you can imagine their shock when it was revealed that the ‘wonder products’ were readily available at their local supermarket: the products used were Dove Hair!

Senior writer Ashleigh has a fast-paced job and “incredibly thick, curly hair”, so it’s important to her to cut down the time spent taming her mane when she should be out getting a scoop.

“For years, I used hair irons to singe it super-straight,” Ashleigh confessed when asked about her haircare concerns. “I’m far more comfortable to wear it naturally now, but it does have a tendency to get frizzy and dry.”  Lucky for Ashleigh, Dove Hair is the nourishing expert, designed to hydrate and care for hair.  Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo & Conditioner were the perfect combo to help de-frizz and detangle, leaving Ashleigh’s hair feeling silky smooth and looking super shiny.

Meanwhile, Katie is also a super-busy multi-tasking queen which means she has zero time for complicated haircare routines. She was excited to take part in the mystery salon experience in the hope the wonder products could give her the “hydrated hair with bounce and beauty” she’s always dreamed about.  And again, Dove Hair stepped in to help with the Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner giving her hair a healthy-looking, lightweight ‘swoosh’!

Watch the video above to see their reactions…

Discover Dove’s fantastic range haircare products, formulated to suit a variety of hair types at The Dove haircare range is available in supermarkets from $7.49 RRP.

*This article was brought to you by Dove Hair.