Follicular futurism: The latest innovations in haircare

As well as recent scientific innovations in skincare, there have been breakthroughs in products, treatments and styling tools for your crowning glory. Call it follicular futurism and make the most of it.

As well as recent scientific innovations in skincare, there have been breakthroughs in products, treatments and styling tools for your crowning glory.

1. Kérastase Paris, Densifique Sérum Jeunesse, $90
If you have silver strands peeking through and want to delay any more, this spray-in serum is the elixir of youth for hair, taking on thinning locks, loss of pigment and shine, as well as unmanageable hair.

2. GHD Platinum, $360
This updated straightener focusses on maintaining healthy hair by keeping the GHD temperature constant and at a safe level. With one stroke, you’ll achieve perfect results! A Princeton University study shows the Platinum model gives you 20 per cent more shine and 50 per cent less breakage compared to similar tools.

3. L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber treatment plan, from August
Damage control is the aim of this multi-approach treatment designed to overhaul your hair, starting with an in-salon diagnosis of your hair health and followed up with a take-home plan. The line harnesses a new molecular complex that rebuilds the structure of the ‘potholes’ in each strand of damaged hair.

4. Byredo Hair Perfume in Gypsy Water, $79, from Mecca Cosmetica
Still spritzing perfume on your wrists? Get with the programme. Those in the know are now adding Byredo’s nourishing hair scents in the brand’s popular fragrances into their locks for a linger-longer scent.

5. John Frieda 7 Day Volume, $19.90
As the owner of fine, limp locks, I rate this short-term DIY treatment. The gel coats hair with polymers that, when set with a hot blow-dry, thicken strands. It lasts a few shampoos. Those with long hair might be miffed with the size of the bottle though.

6. Joico Flip Turn Hair spray,  $26
Hands up who does the volume-boosting flip-your-head-upside-down trick? While you’re down there, spritz on this finishing spray for a supercharged hit of texture and volume. It’s designed to work no matter what angle it’s applied and the humidity-proof solution gives definition and hold.

7. Pureology Colour Fanatic Hair Treatment spray, $43
With 21 benefits, this spray sure wipes the bathroom floor with its array of treatments. It primes, detangles, hydrates, reduces static, protects from heat, adds shine… the list goes on.

The latest innovations in haircare

8. Joico Hair Shake, $34
Natural-looking textured waves are a top priority, but reliance on styling ‘dusts’ that, while good at lifting fine hair, can also gunk up your scalp and result in grungy locks. This texturiser uses an internal ball bearing to mix a clever cocktail of ingredients into dry hair from mid-lengths to ends to create big, thick hair.

9. H2Dx5 Curling Wand, $345
With five interchangeable barrels, you’re not locked in to just one look. This wand is fast to heat, lightweight and has adjustable temperatures. Tick, tick and tick.

10. Pureology Cleansing Conditioners, $34
Co-washing, or skipping shampoo to keep health and definition in dry and curly hair, is trending internationally with two-in-one cleansing conditioners hot on the market. Pureology has three versions for dry, frizz-prone or damaged hair, each offering 25 per cent cleansing and 74 per cent conditioning.

11. O&M Project Sukuroi, $45
This smoothing balm with omega-packed Gold of Pleasure oil and keratin is applied to clean damp hair, followed by a quick blow dry or flat iron to seal nutrients for soft, shiny hair.

12.Olaplex Bond Multiplier, in salon only
A product that lifts colour from brunette to blonde with little to no damage? Sounds like a Tui billboard but Olaplex makes it a reality. The new industry-standard add-in for colour treatments is getting rave reviews in local salons for making hair stronger, healthier and the colour last longer.

13. Redken Extreme Length Primer, $35, and Sealer, $33
The new dynamic duo from Redken claims that hair will grow 15cm longer than its previous breaking point. The preventative Primer that you add to wet hair and rinse out is boosted with biotin, an enriching vitamin that helps hair to grow long and strong. Prevent damage and splitting by coating ends with the Sealer’s attached brush.

14. Oribe Dry Texturising spray, $69, from Stephen Marr salons from August
Celebrity beauty soundbites are littered with references to Oribe’s signature styling range. This star product is an invisible dry hairspray that builds sexy volume and movement and absorbs oil with light hold, ideal to extend a blow dry to the third or fourth day, but prevent you looking too much like a newsreader.