FQ picks: Our favourite hair tools and gadgets

From straightening to curling to combing – Team FQ picks their favourite hair styling tools and gadgets:

ghd ghd IV STYLER
“I’m a purist when it comes to packaging (no novelty coloured limited edition GHDs for me!) and I’m of the firm belief that for all the new and improved stylers that GHD have put out in recent years (Eclipse, Platinum, etc.), the GHD V Gold Classic Styler remains their best offering. I mean, it’s called a classic for a reason.”
– Phoebe Watt, features writer

Tangle Teezer

“I never ever used to brush my hair when it was dry because hair brushes made my hair too frizzy, and when wet, they just snagged and pulled. But then I discovered the Tangle Teezer and things changed. I could brush out ghd curls and they became smooth and full of body rather than full of static or brush out my knots just before bed and wake up with soft, tangle-free hair in the morning. It glides through wet hair effortlessly (so is great for kids too!) and they even have a compact version which is perfect for keeping in your handbag.”
– Lucy Slight, features editor

ghd curve curling wand

“The GHD Creative Curl Wand is very easy to use and because the temperature regulates at 185 degrees, it is gentle enough to use on your hair every day. It’s an easy way to achieve messy beach waves – so perfect for summer.”
– Sally-Ann Mullin, editor

Cloud Nine hair straighteners

“Naturally I have really thick, curly hair and I often find certain tools aren’t quite grunty enough to tame my locks. The Cloud Nine Straightening Irons allow me to adjust the temperature of the plates so I can amp it up for the initial straightening, then use a lower temperature to touch up any kinks or to add in waves.”
– Tyla McKenzie, fashion & editorial assistant

ghd Gold Max Styler and VS Sasson's Secret Curl Pop Up Hot Rollers

“When your hair is naturally curly (yes!) but more Bon Jovi circa 1993 than Kate Middleton circa 2011 (no!) then a little help is needed. In steps the ghd V Gold Max Styler which is perfect for creating those bouncy but smooth curls that I so obsessively dream of. If you have thick, curly or long hair, the wider plates speed up the process substantially and tame unruly locks like you wouldn’t believe. Once you’ve smoothed things out, hot rollers such as VS Sassoon’s Secret Curl rollers are great for creating added volume and bounce. I let mine set for around 20 mins, remove the rollers, then brush out so the final result isn’t too ‘big’. ”
– Kelly McAuliffe, digital editor

Geo F. Trumper Horn Comb

“My favourite hair tool/gadget is a Geo F. Trumper horn hair comb from World Beauty because it is visually attractive and the perfect size to fit in the inside pocket of a suit.”
– Marcel Gull, creative director