Get the ‘lived in’ sexy hair look from the Stolen Girlfriends Club show

  September 13, 2017
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Follow these step-by-step instructions to recreate the perfect weekend ‘bed hair’.

When Redken artist Richard Kavanagh was approached by Stolen Girfriends Club to key the hair for their ‘Safer Than Heaven’ show at NZFW, the brief he was given was: “a dark angel, living life at full throttle and her beauty look reflects her personality.”

Kavanagh instantly thought “bed hair” and started working his magic to create that effortlessly undone hair that looks totally lived in – a little bit grungy and a lot sexy.

Recreate this look for the weekend with Redken texturizing products (and a little bit of smudged kohl eyeliner!)


Follow these simple steps:

1. Apply Redken’s Pillow Proof Primer to dry hair. Blowdry.
2. Using a large wave wand, created a lived-in bend throughout the hair, taking care to start at the mid-lengths to reduce volume.
3. If hair is too thick, hide some of it by braiding it away and pinning it underneath.
4. Dampen the roots with One United to further reduce volume and add a little Fashion Waves 07 to mid-lengths and ends for extra grit.
5. Pull a few pieces out around the face, loosely tuck behind the ears and you’re good to go!

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