Hair how to: Four styles to try this party season

Joico hair trends for spring and summer

Retire your flat iron and let sexy texture and volume take centre stage this party season.

REAL CURL (above)
Stop battling natural texture and embrace voluminous statement curls – the cool girl’s calling card in this 70s-inspired season.

How to:
Step 1: Wind small sections of hair around a thin-barrel curling wand. Leave sections to cool while repeating all over the head from front to back on each side.
Step 2: Massage hair at the scalp with fingers to break up sections and increase lift and volume.
Step 3: Gently brush through hair with a flat paddle brush to blend the curls. Smooth a small amount of Joico’s new Curl Controlling Anti–frizz Styler, $34, through curls with fingers to define, leaving a slight fuzzy halo around the edges.

Joico hair trends for spring and summer

Who’d have thought the humble pony could have evening appeal? Elegant height and softness outshines contrived updos.

How to:
Step 1: Blow dry with Joico Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Creme, $26, and a large round brush, ruffling hair with fingers as you go, or work with second-day hair that isn’t too clean or slippery.
Step 2: Apply texturising Joico Hair Shake, $34, to the roots and roughly massage the scalp to create volume.
Step 3: Back-comb the crown section for height before using a paddle brush to loosely sweep hair into a low pony, slightly above the nape, ensuring hair is slightly loose and not too helmet-like.
Step 4: Spritz Joico Hair Shake texturiser into loose ends to retain a tousled shape. For slightly more curl and shape, loosely tong a few random pieces with a large barrel tong and shake out before finishing with Joico Flip Turn Volumising Finishing Spray, $26.

Joico hair trends for spring and summer

Relaxed, softly tousled waves are on everyone’s beauty agenda, and you don’t need Rapunzel length to achieve them, although it helps.

How to:
Step 1: Section hair into several large pieces and spray with Joico Smooth Cure Thermal Styling Protectant, $31.
Step 2: Using a large-barrel curling wand, wind sections of hair around the barrel, holding for several seconds. Carefully unwind and mist with Joico Flip Turn Volumising Finishing Spray, $26, to set the curl.
Step 3: Leave sections to cool before using a wide-tooth comb to gently separate hair. Finish with a light spray of Flip Turn for smooth shine and hold.

Joico hair trends for spring and summer

DIY ease means this runway look will be everywhere come summer. Braids are best when they’re low-key, so enhance dried-in-the-breeze locks with slim braids that look absent-mindedly woven in.

How to:
Step 1: Evenly apply Joico Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Creme, $26, through hair from roots to ends, then blow dry.
Step 2: Select a small section of hair above each ear, divide into two sections and weave into a fish-tail braid.
Step 3: Sprinkle each braid with dust powder and pull gently from each side to achieve a slightly looser, distressed effect. Spray ends with Joico’s K-Pak Colour Therapy Dry Oil Spray, $34, for extra shine.

Creative Direction: Megan Bedford and Marcel Gull
Photography: Michael James Rooke
Hair & Makeup: Leisa Welch
Model: Talia from 62 Models