Hair update: The low-down on mousse

Article by Simply You

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Don’t fear the foam! Instead, transform your locks with added volume and shine.

When we hear the words hair mousse we instantly think of crunchy curls and hard hair. In the ‘80s, it was used to define, tame, or emphasise curly hair, but mousse technology has come a long way. Gone is the drying alcohol and in its place are moisturising and nourishing ingredients that work on all types of hair.

Mousse is actually one of the most underrated hair products, yet so necessary for perfecting a killer blowout or artfully dishevelled waves. When used correctly, hair can be transformed with volume, shine and texture – but nailing it is all in the application.

WHAT YOU NEED: A can of mousse and a vented brush.

Hair mousse

TRY: VIA Tunnel Vent Brush, $12.99, Moroccanoil Volumising Mousse, $63.50

WHAT YOU DO: Firstly, give the can a good shake. Then, instead of pumping the mousse on to your palm, apply it straight to your vent brush. As a size guide, a tennis-ball amount is ideal. It works best to comb through damp hair instead of sopping wet, and don’t forget to apply to your roots as well as the mid-lengths and ends. The roots are where you’ll notice the most volume so it’s important to not leave them out.

WHY IT WORKS: With a vent brush, it allows the mousse to slowly seep through meaning a more even distribution through the hair. If you just use your hands to apply it can lead to too much product in one area.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: No crunchiness, and hair that’s bouncy, shiny and had movement.

TOP TIP: To perk-up your second-day hair, re-wet with a damp brush and blast your dryer.

Words: Elise Wilson
Photo: Getty Images