How to apply a hair mask

A weekly treatment mask will give you healthy hair full of body and shine.


Step 1. To prepare your hair, shampoo and rinse it thoroughly.


Step 2. Squeeze out the excess water from your hair and apply the mask using fingertips. If you have combination hair, concentrate on the lower half of your hair. But if your hair is damaged or dry, apply the mask to the entire hair shaft, roots and all.


Step 3. Wrap up your hair in a towel while the mask works its wonders (the duration of treatment depends on the type of mask). A warm towel increases the mask’s effectiveness. Then rinse hair with warm water to remove the mask thoroughly, leaving your hair renewed and revitalised.


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Top Tip: To combat the damage your hair sustains from styling, such as brushing, blow-drying, curling and straightening, a protein-packed mask is a must-do treatment every week.