How to get the French cool-girl hair from the FQ Swim Show


Your summer hair goals are… well, here.

Inspired by the actresses of the French New Wave cinema movement, Cloud Nine ambassador and Colleen salon owner and director, Lauren Gunn, transformed our Swim Show models from the hair down. Achieving a nostalgic feminine, the full-bodied tousled waves were enviable to say the least.

Read on for your step by step guide to recreate the look:

Swim Show hair how to

1. Starting with dry hair, add some EVO Easy Tiger to any areas that are naturally frizzy before spritzing from roots to tips with EVO Mister Fantastic to prep your hair for waving.


Cloud Nine Curling Wand; EVO Easy Tiger; EVO Builder’s Paradise; EVO Mister Fantastic.

Swim Show hair how to

2. Create a deep side part. Taking two inch horizontal sections at a time, wrap the pieces around the Cloud Nine Waving Wand, letting them fall naturally to cool.  Set with a light spray of EVO Builder’s Paradise.

Swim show hair to

3. Use a fine tooth comb to comb out each waved section til it is soft and shiny. If desired, add some more EVO Builder’s Paradise Spray to create more shine. Use a Cloud Nine cushioned bristle brush to softly sweep your hair to the side.


EVO Crop Strutters; Cloud Nine cushioned bristle brush.

4. If you have bangs, define them with a little EVO Crop Strutters, otherwise pull forward a few fine strands allowing them to sweep loosely across your brow.

Swim Show hair how to

5. Capture the top of your hair  by sweeping it round to be level with brow, fastening with a bobby pin at the side. Careful not to do this step too precisely; let some hair fall forward in front of your ear and tuck the other side behind if you like.

And voilà – you’re party hair ready.

Photos: Jono Parker