These are the hair products our FQ editors are loving this spring

When it comes to finding the hair products and tools that work for each of us individually, we’ve all got our own go-tos.

This is because we each have differing hair types, quirks and products preferences — and the Fashion Quarterly team are no different when it comes to unique hair needs and focus areas. Some of us gravitate towards natural ingredients; others are focused on creating volume or texture. And a few of us with coloured hair often need extra nourishment for that added TLC.  Now with winter behind us and spring well and truly here, it can be a good excuse to change up your regular hair regime with products that will keep your hair looking fresh and healthy, so you can be beach or party-ready (or both!) for the entire season ahead.

Scroll through to see each Fashion Quarterly editor’s hair must-haves right now.

Megan Bedford, beauty editor

“My go-to style for my not-quite-shoulder-length lob is an undone curl that’s fast and easy to create. I also have heavily processed hair (AKA bleach blonde) so need a tool that will give me what I’m after quickly without causing excess damage. I angle the tip of this Silver Bullet City Chic Regular Conical Curling Iron down and wrap random lengths around it, then hold for a few seconds before releasing and misting with fine hairspray. It’s super easy and the cool tip saves me from singeing my fingers.”

“Speaking of fine mist hairspray,  Keratin Complex Flex Flow Flexible Shaping Hairspray is a goodie because in no way do I want a crunchy helmet-head, I just want the curls to stay in my fine hair where I put them. With flexible hold, a touch of shine and keratin which makes locks smooth and tames frizz, this is an all-rounder for me.”

“Being extremely bottle blonde, keeping my hair light, bright and healthy is pretty much my life’s work. Making the job easier is ensuring I’m returning some of the protein to my taxed strands.  Hi Pro Pac Extreme Damage Hair Repair treatment brings my hair back to life when it’s feeling a little brittle, especially over the hot summer months when swimming and beach jaunts are a given. I use it instead of conditioner every once or twice a week when I feel in need of it.”

SHOP: Silver Bullet City Chic Regular Conical Curling Iron, $61 + Keratin Complex Flex Flow Flexible Shaping Hairspray, $34.99 + Hi Pro Pac Extreme Damage Hair Repair, $24 – all from

Emma Gleason, features director

“Summer is party time, and right now I’m obsessed with wavy, slightly frizzy hair (think ‘70s disco vibes). It’s hard to achieve, and a traditional curling wand never does the job. Thanks to its triple barrel design, the BaByliss Pro Ceramic Triple Barrel Curling Iron should do the trick.”

“My hair is naturally blonde and really dry and brittle, so I’m on a constant mission to hydrate and repair it without adding grease or weight. The Oribe Blonde Radiance Repair Treatment not only repairs damage and split ends, it also has violet pigments to take away the brassiness that plagues me during summer.”

“I’ve always had dry skin – and that means my scalp is too. With all the sun, salt and sand it gets exposed to during summer, scalp scrubs are essential to keep any flaking at bay. R&Co Crown Scalp Scrub detoxes and rebalances, and has a super refreshing scent – it’s also cruelty free and vegan, big ticks in my book.”

SHOP: BaByliss Pro Ceramic Triple Barrel Curling Iron, $121 + Oribe Blonde Radiance Repair Treatment, $98  + R&Co Crown Scalp Scrub, $65 – all from

Zoe Walker Ahwa, editor-in-chief


“Over summer, my hair needs all the help it can get in looking shiny and healthy. R+Co Neon Lights Dry Oil Spray is silicone-free and easily applied, with a range of oils (evening primrose, olive, Andiroba and Marula seeds) that help nourish and smooth – meaning your hair is left soft and shiny. It’s light enough for my fine strands too, and doesn’t leave it feeling weighed down or greasy, with a moody scent R+Co calls ‘Serious Gaze’.”

“I’ve never really been into dry shampoos, finding that they often leave my hair looking slightly dusty and dull. But Design.ME Quickie.ME Blonde is an affordable option made specifically for blondes, made from rice starch which absorbs oil for a quick and effective refresh for those days in between hair washes.”

“I love a beauty mini, and this luxury Oribe Holiday Travel Essentials Kit offers all the appropriate hair essentials in fun travel size. As well as 50ml Gold Lust Repair and Restore shampoo and conditioner, there’s a dry shampoo, lip treatment and Côte d’Azur Eau de Parfum rollerball – it’s also a perfect gift idea.”

SHOP: R+Co Neon Lights Dry Oil Spray, $56 + Design.ME Quickie.ME Blonde, $34 + Oribe Holiday Travel Essentials Kit, $117 – all from

Kelly McAuliffe, digital editor

“Winter’s harsh elements really batter and dry out my hair so going into summer, I’m all about giving it as much love and nourishment as I can. Oribe’s Signature Moisture Masque isn’t cheap by any means, but it’s the ultimate indulgence as it really does bring my hair back to life.”

“One of the best ways to care for your hair is to invest in sophisticated tools that minimise the amount of heat (time and temperature) you put on your hair. Parlux hair dryers are renowned for being some of the best in the business, so the Parlux 3200 Ionic + Ceramic Hair Dryer is definitely a worthy purchase in my view; aside from how speedily it dries hair, the ceramic and negative ion technology helps the hair to remain frizz-free!”

“I don’t like to use a lot of styling products in my hair – aside from a hair protectant, I usually like to use just a small amount of serum or hair oil to smooth the ends once I’ve given it a blowdry and curled it. That was until I tried Fanola Styling Tools Super Light Spray which I’m now obsessed with – it gives a glossy smooth finish, counters static, isn’t sticky and smells divine.”Style HQ picks

SHOP: Oribe’s Signature Moisture Masque, $104 + Parlux 3200 Ionic + Ceramic Hair Dryer, $257 + Fanola Styling Tools Super Light Spray , $26 – all from

Jessica-Belle Greer, features editor

“As a fashion lover, I am not a light traveller but I try my best when it comes to downsizing my beauty products. This Oribe Ultimate Blowout Travel Collection is luxury in three little bottles – it comes with the Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo & Conditioner (to soften and revitalise the inner strength of each strand) and the pièce de résistance, the Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray (smooths strands while giving hair healthy body and shine).”

“I always love the texture of my hair after swimming in the sea, so this summer I’ve decided to bottle the water from my favourite bay into this empty Dateline Professional Round Water Spray and see if I can keep my tresses as carefree on returning to the city.”

“A classic swept-back hair-do is perfect for events where I want to let my outfit shine, while keeping my hair and makeup look polished. The nostalgic French twist is due a re-do, in my opinion and this Mia Large French Twister makes it super easy to execute.”

SHOP: Oribe Ultimate Blowout Travel Collection, $67 +  Dateline Professional Round Water Spray, $16 + Mia Large French Twister, $10 – all from

Gemma Nott, designer

“My hair is always a tangled mess in summer – especially after a day of swimming at the beach. This WetBrush Original Detangler Brush is great for gently loosening the knots without pulling or breaking hair.”

“The humidity of our weather always ruins any effort taken to straighten my hair. If I want to keep my hair frizz free when I step outside I always make sure to use Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray. It protects my hair from frizz on the hottest of days.”

SHOP: WetBrush Original Detangler Brush, $28 + Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray, $74 – both from

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