Remington Colour Protect Therapy

Coloured hair needs extra love. It’s that simple! After all the dye, heat styling and products we put on our locks, they deserve a break, and Remington have come up with the perfect solution.

The Remington Colour Protect Therapy is the new kid on the block, this special straightener is infused with micro-conditioner’s and the innovative SMART Sensor strip technology which automatically detects your hair’s moisture levels and instantly adjusts the heat to prevent further damage and keep hair looking bright and shiny, just like the day it was coloured.  Which is great for style addicts, who are regularly chopping and changing to keep up with current trends.

We all know the use of heated styling tools and daily environmental stresses decrease the life of your hair colour – but now all you colour addicts can rejoice in the knowledge that your tresses are in great hands. Plus it comes in this gorgeous purple hue so will look stylish in your bathroom at the same time!

Available March 1, 2013. Remington Colour Protect Therapy RRP $189.99