Launch of the GHD Eclipse

Rewind 12 years, and the launch of GHD’s straightening irons changed the relationship we women had with our hair. They were the first flat iron to control frizz and curl, offering sleek, shiny straight locks for those blessed with dreaded wave. They took the angst out of a morning blowdry by giving you a smooth finish regardless of your styling ability.

Fast-forward to today, and now there is a new iron in town: the GHD Eclipse, $350. Just launched to media today, it has been three and half years in the making. Its secret weapon against wave is the even distribution of heat (that would be 185 degrees) thanks to three heat sensors and clever tri-zone technology. The plates maintain the same temperature from end to end, no matter where you place the hair or how challenged your styling skills are.

The iron itself has had an upgrade, an aerospace gel material (borrowed from the aviation industry) that allows you to touch the tong and not burn your fingers. We like that; we have many a hair straightening war wound on fingers and wrists. And any hair type will benefit – whether your locks are extremely frizzy, coarse and thick or ultra-fine, run the iron over just once for a beautiful finish that’s not poker-straight but more like a smooth blowdry. GHD ambassador Jayne Wild likes to use a barrel brush to drag each section down while straightening and says, “You don’t have to spend hours blowdrying or styling your hair. On curly, wavy or straight hair you will see results in one stroke. Faster styling also means you can afford to take thicker sections.”

Jayne in action with models today at Auckland’s Hilton hotel.

We can’t wait to get them across our locks. Stay tuned for an update tomorrow.

The GHD Eclipse, $350.