That’s right the perm is back!

Article by NEXT

80s perm

The perm is having a second wave, fortunately in a softer, more relaxed style than its frizzy 80s cousin.

When you think of the perm, chances are your mind will wander to the 1980s when the frizzy mop became the most popular hairstyle around. Madonna, Meg Ryan, Joan Collins and countless others all sported the trademark tight, voluminous curls, but since then the permanent wave has fallen out of favour. Until now.

That’s right, the perm is back – but not as you know it. This time around it’s looser and softer than its predecessor. Dana Love, educator for haircare distributor Professional Hair Brands, says, “The perm has evolved and is not just the frizzy poodle look we once saw. Today’s perm will give you a more deconstructed, textured look.” The process is different, too. While traditional cold perms use chemicals to break and reform the bonds of the hair before it is washed and wrapped around a perm rod, the new ‘digital’ or ‘hot’ perm uses infrared heated rollers on pre-relaxed hair to set the curl.


The result? A soft wave – the kind you’d create with a curling tong. So what are the benefits? If your hair is straight it’ll give it a bit of texture and volume, and if it’s already curly it will relax it to that glamorous wave we all aspire to. Like the perms of yesteryear, however, there are still a few golden rules to adhere to; for example, if you have coloured or highlighted hair, then this treatment is a big no-no due to the chemical nature of the process. Trust us, you don’t want to cause any hair breakages.

From the Editors of NEXT