Trending: Rainbow hair, glitter partings and spray on nail polish


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Feeling like getting adventurous with your beauty regime?

You’ll fall head-over-heels for the colourful trends making headlines this week: Rainbow hair, glitter-speckled partings and spray-on nail polish. If you’re having flashbacks to the late nineties and early noughties, you’re not the only one.

Hands up if you went through tubes of sticky gel body glitter faster than lotion in 2001? Or thought all your dreams had come true with the invention of hair mascara back in ‘96? While there’s no denying trends are cyclical, we have to say, the vibrant hair looks taking over social media this week had us a bit perplexed at first. But when the internet speaks, we listen, so here’s what we’ve learnt from these trends this week.

Instagram superstar Lottie Tomlinson (who, fun fact, also happens to be the sister of One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson) is on the fast track to becoming a true beauty It-girl. At just 17, the Brit has amassed a whopping 2.1 million followers on Instagram and two months ago launched a YouTube channel through which to showcase her experimental beauty nous. Lottie’s latest take on the trend towards artfully coloured hair was to play up her bleach-blonde roots by painting them in a rainbow of hues. While the first couple of steps (see below) are a little eyebrow-raising, we’re definitely seeing something in the end result.

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Halloween may be over but Christmas dress-up parties are still to come, and this glitter-speckled look could be just the finishing touch you need. Yes, it’s a bit OTT. And yes, it’s a teen girl’s dream rather than a look for adults but it’s always handy having a new trick or two in your beauty arsenal, right? You’ll want to choose a chunky glitter (finer ones might be more irritating – and a lot harder to wash out) and mix it with a clear hair gel to give it some stick. Then use a brush to paint the glitter onto your roots before sprinkling some loose pieces on top to fill in any gaps and give your look some extra sparkle. A bit of a non-traditional way to cover up regrowth, but hey, we’ll try anything once!

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Now this is an innovation we can really get behind – a spray on nail polish that takes just 20 seconds to apply. Life hack! British company Nails Inc. introduced its time-saving Paint Can to the market this week; a polish that sticks to your nails but easily washes off your cuticles and skin with soap, ensuring a perfect and fuss-free manicure every time. Will this see the end of gluggy polishes, terrible paint jobs and pesky bathroom floor spills? Will nail polish bottles fast become the Walkmans of the beauty world? Only time will tell… 

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