4 beauty and makeup tips to hide your hangover the morning after

If last night is written all over your face, re-animate instantly with these post-party beauty pick-me-ups.

1. Cleanser is your new best friend 

If you’ve slept in your makeup, vow to stock remover wipes in your nightstand for next time, then remedy the current situation ASAP with a gentle oil or cream cleanser. Rev up circulation and drain fluid retention with a mini massage as you apply. Shock skin back to life by rinsing with freezing-cold water to reduce puffiness and tighten pores – it’s a Kate Moss go-to, apparently. Banish lingering mascara remnants with a cotton bud dipped in micellar water.

2. Round of drinks

Re-hydration should be a top priority, like the rest of you. Applying a hyaluronic acid-soaked sheet mask or cooling eye pads will return you to your aesthetic A-game quicker than you can say ‘never again’. But you’re already at your desk, so reach for a face mist with glycerin and re-spritz throughout the day — it’ll give skin a boost, and distract you from the headache and dry throat.

3. Give your locks some life

If dry shampoo won’t revive limp locks and mop up oil, cut your losses and sweep hair back into a sleek ponytail or high bun — it’ll make you look peppy and constrains unruly strands. If your ‘do has retained the unappealing aroma of last night’s location, a hair perfume will replace it with a soft pretty scent instead.

4. Bright eyes

Eye drops are good but a brightening concealer is even better. You want one with light-reflecting abilities to camouflage the circles but a sheer consistency so you can apply and blend with your fingers while squinting tiredly at the mirror. A nude or white liner on the waterline instantly makes eyes look brighter and a squeeze with an eyelash curler will lift lashes and help you look more awake.

Words: Megan Bedford
Photo: Michael James Rooke