Get the look: Hollywood hair


One of the looks from the Fashion Quarterly x ghd spring fashion preview runway show.

Hairstylist Sara Allsop takes us through how to achieve this Hollywood hair look at home.

1. Apply a curl hold spray throughout the hair.

2. Blow dry product in using a large ceramic radial brush until completely dry.

3. For best results, spray a little more curl hold spray and dry hair again.

4. Using a ghd eclipse styler, take large sections of hair starting at the nape and curl each section by twisting the styler 180 degrees away from the face.

5. Take a low side parting and continue up through the sides of the hair.

6. When at the front top, lightly back comb the roots of the hair with a tail comb before curling for added volume.

7. Once the entire head is completed, brush hair upside down from roots to ends for maximum volume.

8. Then brush the hair into the side parting and arrange waves at the front.

9. Lightly mist a finishing spray on hair for added shine.

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