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What to pack in your lunchtime gym bag

Making the most of your lunch break to sneak in a quick workout can seem like a hassle, but when it comes to feeling revived for the afternoon ahead, there’s nothing better. But unlike post-5pm gym sessions, the thought of having to get changed, shower, re-do your hair and makeup and look presentable for that 2pm meeting can easily be thrown into the too hard basket.

So we’ve put together some tried and tested after-exercise essentials that are sure to take the burden out of breaking a sweat.

What to pack in your lunchtime gym bag

Clockwise from top left:

Turkish towel
Far more pleasing-to-the-touch than a microfiber towel and less bulky than a bath sheet, Turkish towels don’t take up space in your gym bag and are ideal for drying off post-shower.
FQ Loves: Ottoloom Cape Cod Bath Towel, $73

Jandals or pool slides
It’s an unpleasant subject, but fungal infections are a serious health hazard and sharing showers is one of the biggest culprits, so always pack a pair of jandals or pool slides to wear when you’re rinsing off. Further reduce the risk of contracting an infection by keeping them on while you’re doing your makeup to help your feet dry out completely.
FQ Loves: Adidas adilette slides, $45

Dry shampoo
Absorb excess oil around your hairline by lifting up the top layers of your locks and spritzing the roots with dry shampoo. Massage the product in with your hands to create added volume and stop your tresses going limp as the afternoon wears on.
FQ Loves: Davines Hair Refresher, $30.50 (available at selected salons, phone 0800 25 25 30)

Facial mist
We all know how hard it can be to cool down, so use a facial spritz prior to reapplying your makeup to calm any redness and prep the skin. Mists work well to fix makeup in place too – so keep one at your desk to reinvigorate your skin later on.
FQ Loves: Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray, $58

Tangle Teezer
If your hair is prone to static or is simply sticking up in all directions after your workout, a Tangle Teezer is a great tool for helping to tame your tresses. The bristles smooth down your strands if you’re wearing your hair loose, or will assist in creating a perfectly sleek top knot.
FQ Loves: Tangle Teezer Compact Styler, $34

Mineral powder foundation
If you don’t have time to redo your makeup completely after the gym, sweep a mineral powder foundation across your face to help reduce redness, even out your complexion and keep shine at bay.
FQ Loves: Nude By Nature Pressed Mineral Cover, $44.95

Lip gloss
And finally, a lick of lipgloss will have you looking polished even if you’re feeling anything but.
FQ Loves: Dr Hauschka Lipgloss in Rose, $39