Illustrator Kelly Thompson for Escada

New Zealand illustrator Kelly Thompson, whose flair for drawing delicate portraits has earned her a name in the fashion industry, has turned her hand to designing perfume packaging for Paris-based fashion house Escada.

Thompson was approached by the brand in 2011 with the idea of taking its image in a new direction, and over two years developed illustrations for the fragrance’s bottle, packaging, point of sale and related worldwide merchandise.

Kelly Thompson for Escada
Thompson, who has planted her roots in Melbourne, says she is proud to see her work on an international scale.

“Working with a major international brand such as Escada is an amazing opportunity. The chance to bring my particular style to such a large audience and contribute to an already iconic brand has been a really fantastic and rewarding challenge.”

Thompson has worked with other high-profile brands including Nike, Penguin Books, Covergirl, Nintendo, The Australian Ballet and Mimco.

Find out more about Kelly Thompson’s design process with Escada here.

Kelly Thompson for Escada