Q+A: Lauren Conrad

LA girl and reality tv star Lauren Conrad is best known for starring in the MTV hit series The Hills and is the author of several New York Times bestsellers, including The Fame Game, the L.A. Candy series, and Lauren Conrad Style, a fashion guide.  As a follow up, she’s just launched Lauren Conrad Beauty, (Harper Collins, $34.99) a gorgeous book for women of all ages who want to look like the best version of themselves.  She chatted to us from the New York leg of her U.S. book signing tour.

What beauty products can’t you live without?
I always carry a loose powder for touch ups, and most days I wear liquid liner. It’s my signature look, it kind of lives on me. And a good lightweight foundation makes a big difference.

Take us through your daily skincare regime?
I switch around products every so often depending on what my skin’s doing, but I use a cleanser every day, I use a gentle scrub several times a week and I have several different moisutrisers I use. It’s a lot right now because my skin is misbehaving. When I’m working harder I tend to breakout, particularly when I’m wearing a lot of make-up.

How do you take your make-up from day to night?
If I only have a minute I’ll spray my face with a hydrating mist to refresh my foundation and for night when I want a little more drama, I’ll either thicken my eyeliner or add a pop of colour on my lips. A hot pink or a red.

How do you keep your hair looking so shiny and healthy?
I use a leave-in conditioner every day on my ends, that helps a lot for styling but you want a light-weight one so it doesn’t weigh your hair down. But other than that I use chemist shampoo and conditioner, but I change every time I run out. If you over-style your hair it dries it, out so I try to make my blow wave last a day or two.

You have 1.2m Instagram and 2.8m Twitter followers as well as your own website,,  what do you like about social media interaction?
Social media is a great opportunity to connect to your fans because it’s straight from you to them, it’s a great way to represent yourself as you. For me, it’s the most personal way to do it. I love instagram! It becomes an addiction though, photographing every meal that’s set in front of you!