Low buns at Paris Fashion Week

low buns

Ballerina-inspired low buns at the Prada FW 2014 runway show.

Top knots have been good to us over the past few years, as an easy hair style to call on when a blowdry seems like too much effort. But as every trend goes in the fashion industry, the sky-high bun has been feeling a little stale lately.

While this could mean spending an extra half an hour in front of the mirror every morning styling that perfect down-do, instead we’re looking to Paris Fashion Week for inspiration, where the top knot has made a drastic move south to the nape of the neck.

Take Prada’s FW 2014 runway show for example, where models sported Ballerina-esque buns which were neater and tighter than the more dishevelled looks seen throughout the northern hemisphere’s fashion month.

Redken Global Director Guido said he drew inspiration for the look from Visconti films and ballet dancers, who are often elegant yet severe.

low buns

Dolce & Gabbana’s low buns were soft and plaited, and Lanvin’s were wet and messy.

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At Dolce & Gabbana the low bun took a more ethereal shape with soft tendrils and braids, and at Lanvin was amped up with a wet-shine look to give hair an evening feel.

Models at Margiela had less conventional buns, with elegantly loose ponytails twisted and knotted to shorter lengths.

Guido said the volume at the side and droopiness of the knot gave a more mature “English” feeling to the overall hairstyle, and steered it away from being modern or sporty.

low buns

Hair at Margiela FW 2014 was loose and knotted.