MAC offers online shopping for NZ travellers: Amber D shares her tips

Amber D MAC cosmetics

For the very first time in New Zealand you can now purchase MAC Cosmetics online. Do you want the bad news or the good news? The bad news is, you need to be flying internationally, because the online store at is operated by JR/DutyFree and you need to pick up your order at the MAC counters on departure or arrival at Auckland Airport. But the great news is, you get access to duty free prices, so items are up to 20% cheaper!

Kiwi makeup artist Amber D spends much of her life jet-setting about the globe. As singer Lorde’s makeup artist she spent much of last year on tour with the Grammy-winning artist, and now based in LA, she has been working with a number of other celebrities, like the girls from Haim, as well as travelling to the East Coast for New York Fashion Week. This makes her uniquely qualified to offer her tips on how to take advantage of MAC’s new Duty Free online shopping site as well as how to make life up in the air more bearable.

FQ: What’s so cool about the new online site for Duty Free MAC? 
Amber: I always try to plan what I need to buy Duty Free but then after the stress of checking in (usually with a way too heavy makeup kit!) and clearing customs I forget what I needed and impulse buy.  The amazing thing about being able to shop online before you fly means you can double check all of the names and shades of your faves in the comfort of your own home and know that what you need will be in stock when you go to collect it – whether that’s on departure or arrival!  It’s also great if you have to pick up makeup for friends!

What ONE essential MAC product sums up the ideal thing to take to each of six different destinations?

Paris – Ruby Woo Lipstick – for the perfect cool French girl red lip.

Fiji – Global Glow Mineralise Skin Finish – for a dreamy golden highlight on the cheeks and body

Los Angeles – Haute & Naughty Mascara – the bigger the lashes the better!

Japan – Strobe Cream – glowing and looking hydrated is right on trend.

Melbourne – Blankety Lipstick – laid back and casual, a great everyday nude.

China – Woodwinked eyeshadow – the perfect gold metallic shadow that can be worn on its own!

What do you always pack as your in-flight essentials?

If you had to do your face in your seat in five minutes before landing, what would you use?
MAC Studio Fix Powder, Shy Girl lipstick on my lips and on the cheeks as a blush, MAC Extended Play mascara and MAC Lingering brow pencil to tidy up the brows.

You’ve toured extensively with Lorde (real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor) and had to do her makeup on flights before you land. What are the biggest challenges of that?
The biggest challenge would be doing a quick liquid liner on a bumpy plane!  You can be sure that the flight will be smooth the entire way right up until you go to apply eyeliner!

What do you like to do when you get to the airport?
I keep it pretty simple, I like to head straight to Wi-Fi and a power point to make sure I’m fully charged before flying. I also try and find a few healthy snacks to take on the plane so I can avoid too much airplane food!

Is there anything you can do for your skin to prepare it for long haul flights and a busy schedule when you land?
I always wear as little makeup as possible when I’m flying long haul and hydrate extra well before I fly. During the flight I regularly spray Fix+ spray to keep the skin from being dry and top up my eye cream and lip balm every couple of hours.

How do you help skin recover after a flight when you reach your destination?
I always cleanse and refresh my whole makeup application. MAC Cleanse Off Oil is a great cleanser to travel with as it removes all makeup including eye makeup.  I usually use a Clarisonic brush for a deep cleanse and light exfoliation then apply another spritz of Fix+.

What are your favourite destinations?
I love Fiji because that equals a holiday! Japan is amazing and always so inspiring and fun, a night out singing Karaoke until the sun comes up is always in order. Paris is always number one for shopping (including the tax refund scheme) and for incredible food.

Where do you want to go that you’ve never been?
I really want to go to Korea! It’s such a mecca for beauty shopping and people watching. Beauty trends begin in Korea so that’s my number one choice.

Any other tips for making never-ending travel a breeze?
Well, I can’t even count how many flights I went on last year so my advice is to not over think it and stick to a routine so you never forget anything. Find something you can do to combat boredom. Whether that’s downloading books and magazines or in my case I have been teaching myself to knit! There’s only so many TV shows and movies one person can watch!